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Tantra masseuse Liduška

When Liduška enters the room you will find yourself smiling, and feeling natural, full of expectations. She loves to take care of others and she puts piece of herself in every tantric massage. She is very experienced and sensitive masseuse with open heart.


Liduška likes to paint landscape, still life or interesting situations wandering around the Prague or countryside. She loves historic monuments and she dreams about visiting Ireland where she would like to see beautiful nature and local life.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra massage is giving me the opportunity to feel closer to you. Like sensitive guide of intimacy or like woman fascinated by beautiful and strong meeting of two people. It gives me the opportunity to guide you to listen to your own body and soul. It is time to stop and fantasize, time to truly be who you are without mask. I think that sensitive touch is essential in human life and it is slowly disappearing nowadays. What I like about tantra is the change. Change of tired, exhausted human being when he comes to relaxed, full of energy, happy person when he is leaving. It is magical that you can gain trust of a person that you just met. Every massage is unique and individual but still beautiful time of tenderness and care.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Liduška loves long “De luxe tantra massage” where is space to experience really deep and beautiful meeting. Clients are leaving bright and satisfied, relaxed. I love massages for women as well as for men. She likes finding a way through complexity of women that is why her favourite massage is luxury massage for women “Pretty Woman”.

Gallery and Video


I might have made a mistake when I chose Liduška for my first ever tantra massage. I now feel it surely is incomparable and no other massage can be better (with an exception of its continuation). It’s been two weeks, but I have been returning to it in my mind, it’s a warm place at the back of my mind. Liduška seemed really nice even in her profile and on the video and I was almost immediately sure I’d go for the massage session to her. I felt that she really likes her job and that she cares about her clients. She won my affection and trust already at this moment. Then in reality I found out that I was not crazy when I trusted her “in advance”, she really is great
Liduška is a gorgeous woman and a lovely human being. Tantra massage with her was beautifully relaxing and I could tell Liduška loves her job and finds it fulfilling. Thank you very much for a wonderful experience, I’ll be happy to repeat it.
The term tantra massage has been popping out quite often in my neighbourhood so I simply decided to try it. I can tell you my tantra massage experience in your centre exceeded all my expectations. Miss Liduška was very nice and pleasant and the massage wonderful on its own. It had nothing to do with sex and touching the place on human body that are not usually massaged felt very natural. Probably because of the way the masseuse relaxed me; more deeply than any other massage I have ever experienced. I could go on with praising the masseuse for ever. I highly recommend everyone this kind of experience!
Words can hardly express what I have experienced. It was my first tantra massage ever, I didn’t know what to expect. Yet all my worries were gone soon after I came to a lovely place lit many candles smelling of orange and incense. In the room was a pleasant mellow music. I was greeted by a cute masseuse Liduška. First we talked about my wishes and then I just gave in to her hands. After a while I felt like being in a new world. My whole body relaxed with her touching. She massaged my stiff muscles and I felt a lot of heat. Every cell in my body called out for more touching. I was like a ritual of beautiful sacred erotic; exciting and tender at the same time. It was a new untypical experience I can recommend to everyone to try out.
We would like to thank you for a wonderful Wednesday afternoon you prepared for us in your parlour along with Milan O. and his colleague Liduška. Following the first insecure worries from unknown we began to feel really great; relaxation and flowing of sexual energy took us to a new dimension of experience! Thank you and we look forward to another visit.
Karel and Jana
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