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Tantra masseuse Christina

Only very rarely do we come across a being as pure, gentle, sparkling and beautiful as Kristýna. Her warm smile will melt all your worries and pull you into the fairytale where she becomes your muse and your nymph. She opens hearts and reveals the world as it should be; it’s at the tip of our fingers, but we tend to forget about it in our everyday life. This encounter will return colour into your life. Don’t hesitate, let yourself be charmed and enter the fairytale.


I love nature which awakens the feelings of freedom and unity in me. I like to spend time in the country, I draw energy from it and I meditate there. I enjoy good food, I like to learn new things and I love travelling and discovering foreign cultures.

Why the tantra massage?

I was drawn to Tantra through my interest in energy and meditation. For a long time I searched for a path that would approach a person in a complex way and that would also be spiritual and healing. Tantra is interesting precisely because it works from the level of the physical body onto the level of the soul. It therefore provides a connection between a person’s spiritual, mental and sensual side. I love Tantra massage for the colourfulness with which it approaches everyone. Each encounter is different and original, just like every person is different and original and requires a different kind of care.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I like long Tantra Massage Deluxe because it provides space for beautiful and profound encounter with men who want to discover the deep waters of Tantra and themselves.


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