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Tantra masseuse Ivana

Ivanka is a young woman with refreshing energy and a spark resembling young wine. In her presence everything lights up and the world becomes all colourful. Experience tantra massage with a strong, earthy touch spiced with the lightness of being.


I’ve always liked listening to music, I try to tune in and sense every note, every instrument, the rhythm and most of all the colour of the voice and the lyrics of the song. Music can make us happy, pump up our energy, but also make us cry or let us go back to our memories and serious thoughts. Music has great therapeutic importance for us. My childhood dream was to become a famous singer or composer. Later this first hobby was accompanied by dancing that gave me a way to live through music more. I’ve tried various dance forms from graceful ballet, sensual oriental dances to energising hip-hop. My latest hobby is massage, cosmetics and make-up. What I like about massage is that with the right approach and technique it can help on many levels, to alleviate pain and stress, to relax and warm up.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra massage is a cleansing ritual for me. As if by miracle it can remove everyday worries, stress, negative energy, shyness, low self-esteem and various physical and psychic blocs. Its healing potential fills me with respect and awe. I also like the trust that builds up during the interview between the receiving person and the masseuse as well as the complete submission during the massage session itself. Thanks to tantra massage the receiving person can enjoy their body as it is. It is true for tantra more than anywhere else that every body is beautiful and unique just as it is, and we treat it as such. Each body deserves to be pampered, to feel loved, excitement, gentleness, respect, relaxation and rest.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I like longer tantra massage treatments that provide more space and time required for creating trust and full submission. My favourite massage treatments include Tantra Massage Deluxe, Massage for Couples as well as Four- or More-Hands Massage.



Dear tantra team, I’d like to thank you again for a beautiful experience from a tantra massage therapy with Ivana. Her warm approach, tenderness and passion for massage helped me relax completely and enjoy the massage to the full. I’ll come back again!
Honza, 41
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