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Tantra masseuse Eva

Eva is a nice and sympathetic young woman with friendly smile. You will certainly appreciate her sympathetic touch, openness and sincere personality. She is interested in her clients, knows how to listen and really understands them. A tantra massage with Eva is a gentle and tender adventure into deep relaxation as well as an impressive tension release.


I love the diversity which life offers. I fancy learning and experiencing new things. Simply, I do not like standing in one place all the time. I enjoy walks with my dog in nature, mushroom hunting, dancing, good food, people and animals, especially cats whose character fascinates me. They can love their master, they know how to learn new things but they can never be conquered or manipulated by anyone.

Why the tantra massage?

I think of tantra massage as a never-ending way of exploring one's self as well as others. For me, it is a bottomless well of inspiration and life wisdom that cannot be simply learned but must be perceived only through experience. A benefit of tantra massage is that one can relax for a while and leave the everyday rush outside. It´s time to rest, relax and to get rid of all the masks you may be guarding yourself with in the outside world. Here is a chance to gain new energy for the coming days.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I like the longer Deluxe Tantra Massage with a ritual bath massage right in the tub. This wonderful procedure enables us to find our common ground and relaxation sooner so that the tantra massage itself can then be more intense with a stronger mutual experience. Moreover, the mutual breathing experience strengthens our intimacy and closeness.

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I would like to thank Eva for yesterday’s massage; I was completely satisfied, delighted, relaxed, recharged and it was definitely not my last time...
I’ve been to your Tantra massage center several times and I’ve always been delighted. The atmosphere is friendly and people are nice. Rooms furnished in style provide the right kind of atmosphere. Masseuse Eva is very a beautiful and kind being. The whole massage was very relaxed and spontaneous. I think I’ve never experienced anything as pleasant and I wished it would never end. I can only recommend it and it was definitely not my last time at the center.
I’d like to use the opportunity to provide feedback. I can’t but praise your center; everything is always very professional and carried out in a friendly atmosphere from booking over email at the reception to the actual massage.

I went to your center for the fourth time and I chose Miss Eva this time. It is incredible that after Sabina and Bára, when I thought that their massage art and charisma can’t be surpassed, Eva captivated me with her personality too and gave me a great sensuous massage. I think each of these massage therapists is completely different, the massage was each time in a different atmosphere, but the result was always absolutely fantastic. Each massage therapist did her job with enthusiasm and I feel that each of them had a positive effect on me.

I really need to praise you personally :). Thanks to your instinct in choosing massage providers and also thanks to your work and the guidelines for the therapists’ development and quality control, each massage is of an equally high standard.

Thank you for your services and I dare say that you have changed my life and my way of thinking about it for the better. I’m sure that I will come across one of you fantastic massage therapists during my next visit.
Massage with Eva was fantastic! Eva is really kind and beautiful, she is good to talk to, she can create a pleasant atmosphere and she fulfilled all my wishes regarding the massage. I asked for a gentle massage and for three hours I melted in the delightful euphoria and waves of sensations. It is incredible how each massage therapist has her own style and I am always surprised by an interesting new massaging style. Thank you for a unique experience.
We would like to express our thanks and gratefulness to masseuses Eva and Andrea for their amazing tantra massage. It was very delicate and energy driven. We totally enjoyed it!
Roselyne and Renaud
Dear Tantra massage Prague,

Now I'm back in Norway after a wonderful vacation in Prague. It is such a beautiful city! I just had to tell you that the massage with Eva was absolutely amazing. She was so good! The 3 hours tantra Deluxe massage was never boring, and she kept me excited the whole time. And I hope she liked it too :-). I will definitely book a massage with you next time I'm in Prague. Have a lovely day.
A few days ago I had a massage session with Eva. From the very first moment to the end I incredibly enjoyed it and I was totally relaxed. Eva can put her body and soul into the massage and you will just wish the massage would last longer. I will be back. I can really recommend it. If you are looking for a skilled massage therapist and an excellent massage, Eva will be the right person for you.
My tantra massage with Eva was the best experience in tantra I have ever had. I got 3 hours Tantra Massage Deluxe and don´t have enough words to describe my feelings. It was like I was in heaven and Eva was an angel. Thank you, Eva, for a lovely time. I hope we will meet again.
Every time I enter the massage room this place changes into a magical land full of captivating voices, scents and magical touches. Eva is beautiful, wise and graceful, she looks like a queen. I’ve never talked to a queen in my life, let alone stroked her hair. Thank you, Eva.
Eve is a real professional. Yesterday's tantric massage was relaxing, gorgeous and unique!
David, 33
Dear Eva, it has been three days from my tantra massage with you and I still try to find the right words which could describe the amazing time I shared with you. I am so grateful for that! You are such a nice person! In your hands my body felt like water, with your gentle touch I could allow myself to relax completely, open my mind, let go of all thoughts and fears. This strong energy you gave me is still present, even days after. Thank you very much!
I would like to recommend Eva for the attentive and immensely stimulating tantra massage. I can say that I'm still feeling rejuvenated more than 24 hours after my Tantra Deluxe Massage with her. This was not my first visit at your center, but I am happy I selected Eva to be my masseuse and guide in tantra massage this time. I felt so comfortable with her. I was able to easily forget about stresses in my life and focus solely on sharing this incredible experience with my Goddess, Eva. I definitely felt a connection with her during the entire massage. I truly appreciated the subtle little things she did that I believe enhanced the massage, and I could sense her energy throughout the entire 2-hour massage session. Her sunny and energetic personality also could be felt through her skillful and instinctive touch. If you trust Eva and allow yourself to enter a peaceful meditative state during the massage session, she will make you forget all your worries in life. Please thank her for a fantastic massage experience that I can honestly describe as a heavenly treat.
I wish to share my amazing experience with Eva this time. Each masseuse has their own unique style and personality, which makes tantra massage even more interesting as you always experience something new every time. First of all, Eva is a beautiful smiling happy girl and does put a lot of heart in her massages. She works with energy and her touch can be the softest and stronger in order to relieve stress and tension. And the result was far beyond expectation. I was impressed by the amount of energy and love she gave and expressed all throughout the 3 hours long tantra deluxe massage. I will never say enough but you have to try tantra massage at least once in your life and this tantra massage centre is the best place to experience and explore it out. Days after, I still think about the massage and my only thought is to come back as soon as I can. It's not only a way to relieve stress and tension from our daily lives but the best way for me to find happiness. Thank you Eva, you’re an angel sent by God to spread love and joy through tantra. You have such positive energy and the power to revegetate the most depressed soul. You've touched my heart and my soul deep inside. Till next time, keep up the excellent work!
Good morning,

during my Friday massage in your studio I had an incredible time and I’d like to share it with you. I’m the kind of person who likes to go for a massage, but only in your center, thanks to your massage therapist Eva, I was truly relaxed for the first time. To cut it short, it was a blast! Nothing and no one has ever stirred so much energy and bliss in me. It was definitely not my last time in your center and believe me I will heartily recommend you. Thank you once again. Eva, you are wonderful and I keep thinking of you.
Dear Eva, I’m lost for words! It’s been three days since I had a tantra massage session with you and I’m still floating on a cloud of joy and tenderness. Your touches can stroke the body and the soul. You’re a master of your trade. I admit I’ve never been so relaxed. Thank you very much for an unforgettable experience. I’m already looking forward to more. Thank you once more.
My perfect Eva, let me thank you from the depth of my heart for opening the door to a completely new, wonderful dimension of which I had not the slightest idea it could exist. Meeting you and your touch is one of the most powerful experiences in my life. Even after several days the pleasant shiver is still vibrating through my body and your lovely laughter is still resonating in the depth of my soul! I can’t describe in words all my feelings after a tantra massage with you, but I know one thing for sure. I need to return to you soon and let you lead me through the temple of the joys of the body and soul where you are the undisputable Goddess...
Dear Eva,

Finally I find words to describe this incredible experience I made during the 2,5 hours tantra massage yesterday. Honestly you reached my heart! It felt like magic. I could feel all matters of the world disappear for this time, you replaced them by creating a very strong atmosphere where I could fully let go myself. For me, this was more than massage. It was a present. I deeply appreciate what you do. Thank you for all!
Bernhard, 35
Dear Eva,

I’d like to thank you this way for a wonderful tantra massage therapy you gave me. I’m particularly grateful for what you added personally, your energy and ease. It was wonderful. I think that the strength of an experience does not lie only in its intensity, but primarily in how long it stays with you. Thank you, Eva, it’s enough to breathe in and everything around me is nice, colourful and scented. Life is beautiful again.
Jaroslav, 65 years
I visited this studio about three times, when I was in Prague and I would like to share my experience, because these guys definitely deserve it. Firstly, this studio has a great customer care. I had many questions (it was my first experience with tantra) and they responded all of them very professionally, kindly and quickly. The first contact plus the professional websites supported my trust and I decided to go for it. My way to the studio was very smooth (it is really close from the city center). Despite all information I had, I was a bit nervous when I was standing in front of the door, but since I entered I felt very nice. The studio was awesome. Very nicely decorated, with a real Indian atmosphere! Nice smell, quiet and clean. The approach of all people I met was very friendly and personal. Receptionist offered me a tea and fruit and I got seated in a red massage room with a hot tub. I ordered Deluxe 3h massage with the bath ritual. There were many candles in the room, pleasant music, spacious tub with nicely smelling hot water with rose leaves and some oils. I became very excited. My masseuse Eva came just on time and we spend about 20 min talking before the massage really started (they give you extra 30 min to every massage to make sure that you feel comfortable and you have all information you need). She was such a nice person, that I trust her pretty soon and we warmed up for each other. She explained how to breathe during the massage to maximize my feelings. The massage was one of the best things I have ever experienced. I felt like she really opened my heart. It was so different than the regular intimate experience I knew up to that moment. I felt the energy in whole my body and I was never so much relaxed, excited and involved. I felt the flow between us. She was really dedicated and I felt that she was enjoying it the same way as I did! And how skilled masseuse she was! I never had better (really). I came back two more times and I am thinking to go to Prague again to get a Tantra course with these guys (and other massages :). If you hesitate if to go there or not, don´t think and make a reservation. It´s worth your while and money.
Alex, 43
It is something special to see someone doing what they love. To have that love directed at you is an experience that is just out of this world, and that's the experience I got from Eva. I can say with absolute certainty that this was the most relaxing and revitalizing 3 hours of my life. I got to see a girl turn into a Goddess today. Thank you so much for a wonderful tantra massage Eva.
Kevin, USA
I would like to say thanks to Eva for the beautiful moments of my tantra massage which were a truly pleasurable experience thanks to her empathy and tenderness. I enjoyed the relaxing effect of every touch and it was exactly why I decided to try tantra massage. I’m really glad I randomly chose her as my masseuse and I’m looking forward to her when I come for my next massage. The whole center made a really good impression on me, because I soon started to feel at home there.
Martin, 39
I chose Eva, because from the photo in her profile she looked like a nice person which proved to be true during the introductory interview. I even started to think if this friendly chat is not going to negatively affect the things to come. When she entered the room for the second time, though, before the start of the massage, she brought in a different atmosphere. She was mysterious, electrifying, sensual, in short wonderful. During the very first touches I could physically sense the flowing energy and I’d never imagined how sensual and infinitely beautiful simple touch can be. At the start of the massage I told Eva that I’d be really glad if I could reach the state of pleasant oblivion when I wouldn’t think of what was or will be, but would just enjoy the moment RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW to the full. Thanks to her exceptional care, sensitivity, empathy and tenderness I reached such a state. I felt great during the whole massage and now, some time since the massage, I realize that I still have that intense feeling. Thank you once more.
Amazing Eva,

Thank you for your totally natural, human, tender approach accompanied by your gorgeous and easy smile that made me get rid of all the totally unnecessary nervousness. Once more, thank you for such an indescribable and wonderful tantra massage. It was a total new and unique experience for me full of trust, relaxes, excitement and the knowledge about tantra massage itself. I am really grateful for this and I am already looking forward to our new meeting.
Gorgeous Eva,

You have transferred me into another dimension hard to describe by words. Your hands, body and all the beauty and calm vibes have made our common experience an unforgettable one. In fact, your tantric massage is one of the moments I would like to stop the time for! Unbelievable, wonderful, must try! Thanks!
I was slightly nervous at the beginning but it all seems gone while Ms. Eva entered the door. Very nice surroundings, absolutely professional empathic approach, perfect tantric massage, all 100%! It was my very first experience with tantra but definitely not the last one. Thanks and I recommend this to everybody!
Dearest Eva, thanks for an experience deeper than the Mariana Trench, for the wonderful feeling that lasts longer than Heidi Klum’s hair styling and for a flood of energy comparable to the start-up of another block of the Temelín nuclear power plant. After returning to Earth, two days after my Tantra massage I ran my record run on a track I’ve been running on for over a year. Thank you!
Jan, 38
Yesterday I experienced first tantra massage in my life. I had some concerns, but thanks to my amazing masseuse Eve, it was truly a wonderful experience! Very relaxing a pleasant. I feel connected with my body and my energy is much higher than before the massage. Thank you, Eve. I can only recommend!
Good evening,

Once again I would like to thank you for an amazing experience with a masseuse Eve. Next time when I visit Prague, I will certainly stop in your center again. My body hasn´t felt better for the last three years. Many greetings to Eve! I still remember her beautiful and skillful hands.
Dear Tantra massage Prague,

Last week I experienced a great massage with Miss Eva for which I would like to say thanks one more time! Also thanks to the ladies at the reception desk, who helped me with finding a right masseuse and massage for me. I had wonderful time during my 3h tantra massage with the ritual bath and Eva was the right choice for me. I had a blast. Thanks again and see you soon! Best wishes,
B. Engelmann
Dear Eva and Misa, I’d like to thank you once more for an excellent four-hand tantra massage. I’d tried tantra in your center before. Massage helps me alleviate physical and psychological tension, including muscle spasms. Because of my handicap I need to use crutches. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of something as beautiful as tantra. Have a nice day.
Martin, 39
I came for a massage to your centre out of curiosity and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the environment and then by Eva’s fantastic approach. It was a wonderful and unique experience. Thank you, Eva.
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