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Tantra masseuse Ellen

Ellen is a woman you will never forget. At first, she will disarm you with her natural approach and spontaneity. Her inner flame will give you the assurance of a home hearth, but it will also remind you of the liberty and wildness that you might have forgotten about. As a guide, she uses playfulness and challenge. Let yourself be carried away by her passion, because the journey she will take you on will be full, sensual as well as gentle.


I’m a sweet Elf princess and a magic-making witch at the same time. I’m the breeze that strokes the buds of magnolia as well at the storm that dances in the sky. I’m water and fire. I love life and I enjoy every moment of the day in all the colorful palette of various feelings and sensations. I like to fill my senses with beauty. I often walk in nature and stop by a flower and watch it for a long time, then I gently stroke it, smell its aroma and at the same time I experience its interconnection with the Earth and the Sun, all of that accompanied by the sound of the wonderful bird orchestra. My faithful dog accompanies me on my walks. I like to watch how the alert guard changes into a playful puppy running in the grass trying to catch the butterflies. On my excursions, I also go on the back of my gorgeous mare. She is just like me – free, wild and at the same time full of tenderness and understanding for others. When riding together, we become one being galloping on the meadows. After a ride, I like to snuggle up on an armchair with my tomcat on my lap and a book that takes me to the world of fantasy. Another thing that makes me really happy is expressing my creativity. Whether it’s making jewelry from curative stones, writing stories or during Tantra massage. At these moments, my spirit dances with happiness and rises to the stars.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra massage allows me to experience the eternal joy of giving, so I can give and receive at the same time. During massage, I delve into the story each person brings with them. With great interest and curiosity, I discover all the layers and try to create such a space that everyone can develop their story in all its beauty and uniqueness. In the mysterious ritual, I will guide you to the fascinating world in which gentle tenderness follows wild passion.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Tantra Massage Deluxe is my favorite as it provides space for using playfulness, lightness as well as the depth of Tantra massage. If you want to multiply your experience, treat yourself to the royal Four-Hand Tantra massage and lose yourself in the multitude of perceptions and experiences as well as loving, exciting touches.

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Dear Michaela, I wanted to write to you to say how much I enjoyed my first visit and first experience of Tantra Massage. I researched tantra extensively, looking for an ethical and genuine experience, as I see in this market there are many 'erotic' operators which was absolutely not what I was looking for.

The atmosphere that you have clearly worked so hard to achieve was perfect for my needs. Whilst I was nervous, Ellen made me feel very welcome, explained clearly the process and took care of me in a gentle and very warm way. Overall the experience was something that I had never had before in my life.

You have left me with a very positive memory, and the ultimate compliment is that I will return, and I have already recommended you to others.

I wish you every success.

Kind Regards
Friendly, empathic, understanding, kind, with a disarming smile - that’s how Ellen seemed to me during the introductory chat. I’ve had a few massages in my life, so I’m no longer nervous, but it was incredible how quickly I tuned into the wave of relaxation and ease. The “trip” I set out on with her was also incredible. Czech is a rich language and I have a large vocabulary, but I’m still not able to interpret the wonderful experience that awaited me. Ellen has a heart and hands of gold.
Paul, 41
I was given a Tantra massage voucher as a birthday present. Elen was very kind, pleasant and friendly and she was very empathetic. Thanks to her I experienced another (higher) level of a state of mind. I’m very grateful to her and I will certainly come back and use her professional service in the beautiful and pleasant environment.
I have had many massages in my life, but never anything to compare with the massage I got from Ellen. Everything was exceptional. I room is beautiful with a lovely ambience. I love the way that Ellen came in and sat down to start with to explain what was going to happen. It was then two hours of pure heaven. Ellen was brilliant and I came away absolutely buzzing! I am still on a high this morning. I immediately booked for another session which I'm very much looking forward to. Well done on all counts. Fantastic! Yours sincerely.
I’d like to thank Miss Ellen for introducing me to the world of Tantra massage. She’s beautiful, nice, funny, empathetic but mainly completely natural and fantastic. I had read something beforehand, however I still wasn’t quite sure what I was going for. After two hours of massage I must admit that it didn’t really matter how much I had known, because I would never have dreamt of the reality. Thanks for the totally-impossible-to-describe-in-words feeling of freedom and relaxation which I can only recommend to everyone.
George, 41
GREAT, FANTASTIC AND MOST OF ALL UNIQUE! That’s how I’d sum up the experience that for me was Tantra massage by ELEN although I’m a relatively reserved and rational person. Before the massage I was quite tired and didn’t really expect anything. Then Ellen appeared and with her kind nature and a sense of humour she put me in the mood and aroused my curiosity. Her enthusiasm during the massage helped me forget my worries and to succumb to her touch. I experienced flashes of memories of my previous partners. If you want a unique experience, you should choose ELEN, because she’ll make you feel exceptional. Ellen is a person for whom her job is not just work, but a mission.
Paul, 38
Dear Ellen,

Thank You very much for the very sensitive and emotional massage! I appreciated a lot your warm-hearted welcome, your wonderful smile and your magic hands I was falling in. Your gentle touches and caresses made me flying away from all the daily routine outside to another wonderful world! Thank You!
I really wanted to thank Ellen and Martin for your effort and new feelings we have experienced with you. Ellen is a very kind, beautiful lady with a very pleasant voice who uses her body and soul in the massage. As they say, she’s the right person in the right place. It was lovely to meet you.
I want to share my experience from the ritual of tantric massage for couples. For me and my wife it was a first-time experience and we decided for Tantra massage Prague studio because of other very good testimonials and we really liked the design of the studio and the website. Frankly, I was a little afraid, because I am naturally very shy, but our masseuses Andrea and Ellen were amazing. Both were very sensitive and extremely responsive. The fear and shame disappeared under their gentle strokes and amazing energy. I truly enjoyed the whole massage and my wife too. Thank you for a great experience.
Peter, 40
I was on my way to Tantra massage Prague studio to receive my first tantra massage and I found myself slightly nervous. I didn´t know what to expect, but a moment later, I knew that choosing Elen as my guide was an excellent choice. She easily surpassed my embarrassment by interesting and involving conversation about tantra philosophy, massage, breathing and meditation. She showed a wonderful sense of humor and she was very sweet. After a smooth transition to the ritual of itself, I was guided by her gentle and energetic touch. I was delighted by her tenderness and playfulness. The last idea I remember was: "I regret anyone who has never experienced this." I'm sure to come back to you again and I'll choose Elen again. Thank you for the wonderful introduction into tantra.
My first experience from tantra massage was great. I felt fantastic with Elen, who was my masseuse. She doesn´t speak fluent English, so the receptionist was translating for us and I felt a bit nervous and shy, but then she left us alone and I had to admit, that Elen helped me to feel good very soon. I didn´t know what to expect, but I loved the whole massage! I experienced pleasant music, nice and intuitive touching, warm attitude of the masseuse, lovely massage strokes. All was great. After the massage, I felt very energized and refreshed at the same time. If you are thinking of this exceptional experience, I can warmly recommend Elen.
Zdenek, 36
A few days ago, I received my first tantra massage with masseuses Elen, Ema and the Michelle. It was supposed to be a surprise from my girlfriend, so up to the las moment I really I didn´t know what to expect. I don´t even know how to describe the adrenaline I felt, when my girlfriend brought me to the tantric center, I was seated in the red massage room full of candles, she kissed me and whispered: “take your clothes of”. Then she helped me to dress up into sarong and I rang the bell. Suddenly three masseuses appeared in the room, they blindfolded my eyes, and without a word began a tantric ritual. I felt like I was in heaven. My body was covered with touches and I didn´t know who is where. None of the masseuses forced me into anything, so I opened and surrendered to them. I gave them all the control over my body and it´s reactions with trust and openness. Fine and tender touches turned into passion and excitement. I felt honored, pampered and even admired. All masseuses were passionately devoted to the tantric ritual and they worked in unreal harmony, like there were physically connected to each other. It was such a unique and beautiful experience for me! The massage lasted for over three hours, but I felt I was there for a very short time, that is how wonderful it was. I remember nice smells of incense and ylang-ylang, warm towels, gentle feathers, hot lava stones, hair and fingertips touches and also firm strokes. My sexual energy was awakened from the entire beginning and I was feeling it everywhere. After the massage, I stayed there for a while and did not want to leave at all. All three masseuses were with me, lying on my and beside me, hugging me and gently fondling my hair and face. It was so beautiful. I've never experienced anything like that before. After the massage, all masseuses disappeared and only my girlfriend came back. The entire experience is still in me and I am deeply grateful for it. I can only recommend this experience to everybody who is curious about tantra and who wants to experience a new level of sexuality. Even my sexual life is so different now. But it is a different story.
Martin, 34
Thanks Ellen, the very best massage ever. You're beautiful, talented, creative, playful, humorous, empathetic and simpatico. Wonderful.
I had a truly transcendent experience during my massage with Ellen. I'm completely revitalized and re-energized, it's a pity i couldn't extend my session and stay longer. Thank you, Ellen!
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