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Tantra masseuse Christine

Kristin will make you feel free and easy that you don’t need to push anything. Everything will flow naturally. She will guide you through the secrets of tantra massage. Kristin has a precious gift, that you will not feel ashamed. With her is everything so natural, that your shyness just disappears. Maybe because she is so kind and highly intelligent and maybe it is the way she touches...


Kristin likes to travel and loves dancing. She is also impressed by martial arts. Gardening brings her deep relaxation.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra is a beautiful way to physical and spiritual compatibility. It is a way how to learn something about myself and about whole universe. It helps us to achieve not only better physical and mental condition, but also to make the world around us healthier as well. This time force us to be perfect, to look great, to have great results, to have great performance at work and even then we hear that we are not good enough. We have never experienced unconditional love, we don’t even know how to love and treasure ourselves, our bodies. We always have to give and give but tantra massage gives you the opportunity to only accept. Accept that someone will take care of you. You can experience deep relaxation with no claims or judgements. You will be in intimate contact with your body and it helps you learn just how beautiful and perfect you are. I am your guide through the temple of your body, my touch causes that vitality flows directly through you to places that you have forgotten or never visited before. This glorious power of touch and tenderness will help you to heal cracks in your heart and soul.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Her favourite massage is tantra massage “De Luxe”.

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