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Tantra masseuse Catherine

Catherine is a lovely young woman who likes art and has a very nice and friendly character. Simply put, she is unique and so are her massage skills. If you decide to explore Tantric massage with her, you will definitely experience a wonderful and perfect massage, full of attention to detail and the present moment as well as a mixture of soft tones and passionate improvisation. Catherine´s Tantric massages go deep inside enabling you to experience unforgettable and intense moments.


One of my greatest passions is playing the violoncello. For a long time, I thought this might become my profession, but I didn't really succeed in combining something so creative and impulsive with an everyday profession. So I extended my education and slowly discovered Tantric massage.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra was a very unknown field to me for a long time and I did not believe that this philosophy might become so close to me. Thanks to my previous experience as a musician, I met many people looking for the meaning of life. This included a lot of advice on how to find your true inner self. I have encountered many “helping” methods, but the more I know Tantra, the more I am sure this might be a unique first step in knowing myself. I like this direction because it explores through “touch”, which is so real, here and now. This is everywhere and in everything, even with those thousand unnecessary words we use everyday. For me Tantra is unique because of its ability to go deep inside one´s self. During the Introduction ritual, I will try to help you in letting go of your ego and all other social expectations, which is so rare in this fast-paced world. However, it is one of the important topics in Tantric massage and I am grateful to be able to inspire this feeling of safety in people. It is a pleasure to see them enjoying and admiring their true beauty.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

My favorite massages are the long Deluxe massages when I can really get to know your personality and feel all the contours of your body. Moreover, my preferred massage is also the Four-hand Tantric massage, which can be very dynamic and the work with energy is even more intense than during the Classic Tantric massage. Multi-handed massages are unforgettable, not only for the receiving person but for the giving one as well. Simply, I heartily recommend it.


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