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Tantra masseuse Catherine

Catherine is a passionate life enthusiast who lives totally now and here. She looks at the world with her eyes full of love and lives fully with an easiness; she is a born optimist with plenty of energy; you’re your encounter will surely be joyful and full of deep relaxation. She has a gift of helping you find your balance.


I love dance, music, taking photos, power yoga, lakes and mountains, raspberries, Indian stories, sound and smell of rain, naked feet in the grass. I can look at the stars for hours and can stand on the top of the hill and enjoy the wind in my hair timelessly. I follow the ways of a heart and observe the whole world.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra massage for me is a place where two souls can connect and mutually cherish each other with a beautiful and sensual ritual during which we together get back to harmony of body and mind. For me the world is a perfect place to live; I found my paradise and I would like to show it to you. Together we can experience a mystical moment of transcendence and balance. Let me be your guide on your path and I will not let you alone for a single time. Together we will float through timelessness.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I love long massages when I can fully enjoy the moment of connection and stay there as long as possible. Tantra massage De luxe is therefore my favorite option. I enjoy massaging women who I recommend a luxury Tantra massage Pretty woman, which is really magical or Birth of Venus, during which we use hot water and beauty procedures. Also partner tantra massages are pleasant, during which I like sharing my tantra experience.

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