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Tantra masseuse Bea

You can tell at first sight that you are standing face to face to a cat woman. She has the playfulness of a kitten, the heart of a predator and the passion of a cat. After meeting this women you will continue meeting her in your dreams. You call her to experience the moment again, maybe she is calling you too. She awakens desires and passions. She opens closed paths. If you decide to yield to her hands, you will set out on a wild journey of discovering the present moment.


Thanks to my visit to India I had an insight into its deep spiritual history which taught me humbleness and gratitude. Just like Tantra, dancing is also an essential part of me, it is an uplifting relaxation and meditation for me. The greatest treat for me is to spend time in the countryside where I feel in contact with my own identity. I like to relax in silence as well as with the sound of a handpan, an instrument I play.

Why the tantra massage?

Practicing yoga made me want to delve into my own self, to sense my body and listen to its needs. It taught me to consciously enjoy life with whatever it brings and to create my own reality in which it’s a pleasure to live. I see Tantra as another step to personal development, an option to transform my notion of sexuality and to see it as a natural part of being. In my life I want to develop in this direction, because I feel its benefits, which I can provide to you through Tantra massage and thus enlarge the circle of healthy and content beings.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

My favourite Tantra massages include those where there is time and space to create a deeper connection, because finding a path to oneself can’t be rushed. I find this depths and space in Tantra Massage Deluxe or Tantra Massage in the Dark. Tantra Massage with Priestesses is an inspiration and a challenge for me and I feel good in the energy of the lover and femme fatale. I also find fulfilling the Four-Hand Tantra Massage where the energy, experience and submission increase. These massage sessions are often full of surprises and unexpected deep moments.



We had a beautiful moment with 2 masseuses for our couple tantra massage. A true and genuine Tantra Massage with professionalism and real breathing together. If you want to discover what Tantra really is, you can book there.Please show some respect when you enter and you will be treated such as the best moment in your life. We will definitely book a massage with Alena and Bea if we come by Prague again. The place is just perfect, with a very nice Feng Shui and good energy, of course, hygiene is not a question to ask, everything is perfect about it.
Roy, 42, France
I just wanted to express my awe and gratitude for yesterday. By light years the most professional and flawless experience ever. All the best to you, Bea and Eva.
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