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Tantra masseuse Bára

Bára is a sympathetic young woman with an open mind whose massage skills allow you to learn a true relaxation, tenderness, passion and deep acceptance. Let yourself pampered from the tender goddess and enjoy tantra massage the way you never have before.


I love intimacy and mutual connection of emotions, feelings and touching. I try to understand without words. I like discovering beauty and harmony in people that is in accordance with my inner energy. I love all humans that come to me for tender, caring and healing embrace. Love resists mathematics; it cannot decrease with the growing number of people. I adore multiplying and sharing the love the most.

Why the tantra massage?

My vision is sharing joy; the joy of life, unique moment or relaxation. I believe clients come to me desiring to share. Tantra for me is a path and personal mission.
I discovered my ability to please others that I can creatively use in tantra massage. During the massage shining healing energy flows through my hands and embrace. I am fascinated by the effects of tantra which makes me happy and internally fulfilled.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I enjoy working with hot lava stones that are a natural part of tantra massage Deluxe and enjoy having enough time this unique and long massage offers. If you give me enough space I will be glad to pamper you through tender energising touching all over your body and you will forget your own worries. Amongst my preferred massages are also four-hand tantra massage through which you can completely relax to enjoyment and forget about the world. Last but not least I like tantra massages for couples that provide a great opportunity to revive partnership and resource new inspiration.



I would like to commend Barbara (Bara) for the attentive and immensely enjoyable massage, and I can say that I'm still feeling rejuvenated more than 24 hours after my Tantra Deluxe Massage with her. I definitely felt a connection with her during the entire massage. I truly appreciated the subtle little things she did that I believe enhanced the massage. Her sunny and energetic personality also could be felt through her skillful and instinctive touch. If you give Barbara enough time, she will make you forget all your worries in life. Please thank her for a fantastic massage experience that I can honestly describe as a heavenly treat.
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