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Tantra masseuse Bára

Bára lights up the room as soon as she enters. She’s the kind of woman you don’t want to say good-bye to. She combines kindness and warmth with the energy of a unbridled Amazon full of strength. In her touch you will find understanding and comfort as well as a flame and passion. She can sensitively recognise the right moment and be with you in the one eternally perfect moment. If you entrust yourself to her hands she will be an excellent guide and you will experience what you have been looking for all your life.


Travelling is my great passion as it allows me to discover the world in its multifarious beauty. I like to set out on a journey with my rucksack and submit to the flow of time and unexpected experiences. I draw energy from spontaneous dancing, shaman techniques and singing of mantras by the fire. I learn to discover the surrounding world from the outside as well as from the inside, so I was inspired by Tantra and psychotherapy which together are a powerful tool of transformation. Healthy vegan food and purifying and inspiring walks in the countryside are a standard for me.

Why the tantra massage?

Most men and women today lack loving touch and gentleness. Feeling unfulfilled in our most basic need for touch starts in childhood when our parents often don’t have enough time and energy to care for us in all respects and accept us unconditionally. In adulthood we are afraid to talk about our needs and dark sides (if we have any) and this way we lose touch with ourselves and with our partner. Nothing is lost though and he who tries to find a way out of the vicious circle will succeed. Tantra massage and conscious touch is one of the ways to heal and re-learn one’s needs and gain the courage to share them. It will be my honour to guide you on your Tantra path and pass on an experience of unconditional acceptance and loving touch.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Time is essential in Tantra and you might be surprised that it flows differently than you are used to. It provides space for healing, relaxing and learning, so it is more than true here that the more time we have for each other the deeper we can get. My favourite Tantra massage procedure is thus the three-hour Tantra Massage Deluxe whose pleasant length will ensure that the healing and purification will be more effective and the journey to your soul easier.

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I would like to thank again for one of the best tantra massages I've ever had. Masseuse Bara was simply great. She put emphasis on every detail of my body and she always responded to my feelings and adjusted the whole massage to it. Three hours long tantra massage ran out so quickly, that perhaps I might try at least five hours next time. I'm looking forward to another massage.
I needed to draw some energy and disentangle myself from the real life and everyday hustle and bustle again after some time. The beautiful and mysterious Bára easily provided that. She charmed me with her naturalness and an absolute ease with which she took me to her world “on the other side”. The shamanic dance Bára led me through during the initial ritual made me forget all worries and pains that I had brought in and she helped me concentrate on her presence and touches. The massage was completely intuitive, the masseuse was incredibly nice, she reacted wonderfully to my body’s reactions and everything flew so fast, the three hours passed really quickly. It was also interesting how this delicate girl easily handled my robust body. It’s because Bára is very inventive and original, she has her own style that I’d never experienced before and so I’m looking forward to being taken to her world “on the other side”, as she says correctly. But that world is the real world! And that’s the exact opposite of what I had thought.
Bára is beautiful and her tantric massage is a beautiful dream!
Petr, 57
Every time I enter the massage centre the place changes into a magical land full of captivating voices, scents and magical touches. My eight-hand massage with Bára, Eva, Lucka and Ivanka was not only a concert for eight hands but also of four heavenly voices: the gentle voices of Bára and Ivanka go well together with the captivating voices of Eva and Lucka. Bára is beautiful, intelligent, she’s resourceful, it was a pleasure to spend time with you. Eva is beautiful, wise and graceful, to me she seems like a queen. I’d never spoken to a queen before, let alone stroke her hair. Thank you, Eva. Lucka was a lovely surprise for me. She’s been with the Tantra Massage Prague team only a short while, but reality surpassed my expectations. You took me to the top and I didn’t even realise I was going there gladly. Besides you’re very empathetic, thank you. Ivanka is a pet, but she also has lots of unexpected strength. I felt so good with you. I must add that I’m always happy to come for another massage session at your centre, whether with massage therapists I already know or those I’ve not had the chance to meet yet, because I know that with you I always get a really high-quality service and that it will be a joy to meet again.
I recently had the privilege of having Bara as the masseuse for my first ever tantra massage. My obvious initial nervousness and insecurities must have presented a challenge to Bara, but through her calm and understanding approach she was able to gradually break down my barriers, allowing me to feel total trust in her care. The massage ended up being such a positive experience, I immediately scheduled a second session for two days later. I would have been perfectly satisfied if the second massage equaled the first, but much to my surprise, it was quite different and even better. I believe that Bara was skilled enough to spontaneously tailor the second massage to be specific to my needs based on knowledge she gained from the first massage, as well as stronger mutual trust. I went into these two sessions as a stiff nervous person barely brave enough to make an appointment, and came away with two of the best experiences of my life which I will not soon forget, all thanks to the exceptional professional skills and personal care of Bara.
Doug, United States
I would like to share my experience with six-hand tantric massage with Bára, Katka and Ema. It was pure beauty and caressing of the soul and the body. I spent the most time with Bára, because she was massaging me in the hot tub. She is an amazing woman, who can be in one moment playful and cute and in the next one she suddenly turns into a loving and caring mother goddess, who takes you lightly into her arms and you want nothing but to stay with her. She has a beautiful voice and she was singing to me, which made the enjoyment even more exciting. Katka is a beautiful, nice and very tender girl who will pamper you and spread a good mood all around her. Ema is a little mysterious for me. She is patient, gentle and just beautiful! I felt very nice with her. I would like to repeat this wonderful experience with all of my goddesses, but this time I will come for much longer massage. Thank you for the best time ever!
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