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Tantra masseuse Andrea

Andrea is a tender and sensual woman that will attract you by her nice and friendly character and make you feel quite natural very soon. She practises tantra massage with a lot of feeling, lightness and playfulness. Despite her youth Andrea already travelled a bit. Enjoy pleasant moments in her soft hands and let her pamper you with her warm presence.


Since yearly years I have enjoyed travelling. I like long journeys that allow me to learn about the culture and partially also language of the country. I am interested in local habits and people´s opinions and their worries. I found out about massage art of healing touch that I enjoyed so much I decided to devote myself to it professionally. My favourite massages are tantra ones.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra allows me to get closer to another human being and with care and tenderness touch not only his body but his soul as well. I like sensuality that I incorporate naturally into each massage because that way a receiver can learn about the reactions of own body including the unknown ones or blocks own enjoyment of them. Tantra massage helps putting away any prejudice and give in to the present moment, which can be quite fascinating!

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Andrea likes massages during which she can play with each centimetre of your body from head to toes. Her favourite massages include tantra massage Deluxe, which offers enough time to discover many hidden enjoyments of your body. She likes aroma baths offering relaxation prior to tantra massage itself. You can even enjoy your massage directly in the bath!



Dear Michaela,

Thank you so much for arranging our last tantra massages. They were as always amazing. My friends and I enjoyed them immensely. Between travel and the hectic work schedule that I came back to, I couldn't find a decent quite moment that will enable me to express my appreciation in the way that she absolutely deserves. Even the below is not enough but what to do as I am a human limited by the vocabulary that the English language allows. To give proper appreciation to Andrea, I will have to one day learn the language of heaven and stars. I am hoping that one day Andrea will teach me. She is certainly fluent at it with her delicate touch.
Carlo, Italy
Dearest Andrea,

I can't describe to you how happy I was to see you again and get the opportunity to be pampered by your heavenly touch. I am so fortunate that I am able to come for another tantra session with you and certainly will not be the last. One thing for sure it's not like any other session. But then no session with you is ever the same. Every session is a magical surprise. It must be magical because honestly I don't know how you can manage to enchant and surpass the previous session every time. There is nothing consistent about any session except that they are all made of magic, energy, passion, and sensuality.

Your caress can be both nurturing but full of intrigue and passion. Your embrace was relaxing and peaceful and yet full of energy and vigor. I got to experience all these wonderful mix of emotions and feelings. Your energy and attention throughout the three hours were unparalleled. You are so beautifully stunning, full of charm, and exuding sensual and invigorating energy. I must be having the fortune of heavens to have that beautiful time with you. Thank you again Andrea. Until I see you next time.

With love, gratitude, and joy,
W. A.
Hi Andrea,

thank you for the great tantra massage this morning, it was very nice and I have very good feelings!
I would like to thank Miss Andrea for a very pleasant and professional tantra massage. I'll be back. Sincerely
Dear Michaela,

Thank you for all your Time and compliments to this Nice Studio. Andrea was a Good therapist and is a wonderful Young Lady.

Warmest regards
Dear Ester and Andrea, thanks again for this wonderful afternoon. Your massage was fantastic!

I am writing below a few words of appreciation of my experience in your magical salon two days ago. This was my first experience at Tantra Massage Prague. However it was not my first experience with tantra massage. I had the privilege of this wonderful massage in several places around the world like Germany, Ireland, England or Thailand.

My tantra session was the Deluxe tantra massage two and a half hours long and it was with Andrea. Pictures in the website portray Andrea very beautifully indeed. But I also say that when I met Andrea in person, she is one of unparalleled beauty with grace and elegance, spirit and compassion, wonderful charm and allure. She has a magical touch and an enchanting and fragrant aura. Through her embraces and strokes I lost all sense of that which is around me and heavy burdens. I was floating in her arms. It is difficult to describe a picture of how I felt. It just was magnificent.

The salon Tantra Massage Prague far surpasses any of the places I have visited before. The attention to detail in design, space, colors, furniture, and many other aspects is truly amazing. A gem between all salons. It may not appear so from the outside but inside started an unforgettable experience once the door are opened and the receptionist ushered me in with a welcome full of warmth and attentiveness.

Some may think my writing above may be exaggerated. To that I answer that the Ink will dry before I can do justice to describe my tantra session with Andrea and Tantra Massage Prague.

Thank you thank you Andrea. I will come back.

With love and gratitude
W. A.
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