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Tantra masseuse Andrea

Andrea is an extraordinarily charismatic, intelligent, original and inspiring young woman with a gentle sense of humor, sparkling eyes and and artistic soul. She knows how to listen, understand, make you happy and pique your interest. A tantra massage with Andrea is full of tenderness, passion, deep emotional experience, as well as mutual closeness.


Sometimes there are days I am happy even when getting caught in the rain while going for coffee. It's like when the wind blows in the right direction and everything makes sense at that moment. I like art and I like being surrounded by people who have self confidence. One day, I enjoy mapping the borders of my body, testing its limits and pushing it to the edge of exhaustion. On another day, I prefer total peace with minimum movement, just turning a page or eating some chocolate. Although there are many beautiful things in the world, such as nature, art and science, I really do prefer people over all. I am happy to find something, or somebody I could be fascinated by in their words, bodies and minds. And so far, I have been successful.

Why the tantra massage?

I fancy exploring the world and I fancy exploring my mind in various situations. I love that moment right before I stop being afraid of something. So far, none of my teachers, employers and friends has been successful in persuading me that the world is not one big playground. If I should feel any responsibility, let it be the responsibility for myself. This means training my mind in such a way as to be able to feel that every moment in life is an interesting one. This is a very challenging job. However, it does make sense. It is also an exciting one, since there is no point in living a life you have not fully explored. Tantra is in accordance with my life philosophy and it allows me to “stand on the shoulders of giants”.
A well done tantra massage needs a combination of total concentration and total relaxation at the same time. This is not a contradiction, but the very best way to enjoy the present moment. Once your mind rids itself of expectations and fears, suddenly the body knows what it needs and how to achieve it. Again and again, I am surprised by the many ways one can experience a simple touch and how great the joy enjoyed through a body can be. It is such an adventure and I am happy to share. I get more and more curious every day.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

With tantra massages, it is even truer than everywhere else that the more time you give yourself, the more joy, care, tenderness and sensual experience you get. I like watching my client transforming under my hands and falling slowly deeper and deeper into his/her inner feeling and relaxation. This is why I prefer The long Deluxe Tantra Massage during which there is lots of time to experiment, connect and go deep. Maybe the only way to improve this is to integrate into the massage a ritual tantra bath with a massage right in the bath tub. This ritual helps to create mutual trust and intimacy from the very beginning of the massage. As a result, the whole experience is intensified and deepened.

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