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Tantra masseuse Alicia

Alicia is a young and inspiring woman, full of energy and zest for life. Her tantric massages are tender, sensual and endlessly pleasurable. Have a rest under her touch and experience unbelievable moments full of relaxation, caring and exhilarating closeness.


If I should characterize myself, I think I am an open-minded, curious and honest person. I have many hobbies, but I prefer traveling, as I can meet people from various cultures with different customs. I can also speak many languages so I can experience the adventures these travels bring. For me, tantra is like one of these mysterious journeys. It is full of new knowledge, new encounters, and closeness, as well as strong emotions. Simply put, this is probably why I fell in love so much with the art of tantric massage. It includes all I ever wanted and many things I had never known.

Why the tantra massage?

For me, tantra massage is more than just mere massage or ordinary physical touching. In tantra, I find all I need and a lot more. Tantric massage means the sharing of closeness, emotions, feelings and the mutual blending of energy. It is a healing process for me as well as others. It is always a meeting that is unforgettable. A real tantric massage can - with an open and respectful receiver and masseuse - change the world inside us. And through this process the external world will change as well.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

My favourite massage is the 3,5h Deluxe tantra massage with a tantric bath ritual. This wonderful massage enables immersion, relaxation and a renewal of life energy. There is plenty of time to enjoy the best that tantra can offer. I will be happy to be your guide through an adventure you will never forget.



Alicia is simply great, she can take you out of this world into a deep internal journey in your body and soul.
I enjoyed the crushing waves of energy and emotions building up gently and slowly in my body till it reached a point where I lost feeling of time and place, it felt like I was trapped into the moment and did not want it to end.

Thank you Alicia for giving me that wonderful experience where I felt for the first time in my life that I can let go because some one out there is taking care of me.
Dear Tantra massage Prague,

please pass on my thanks to Alicia. It was an amazing session! I had never tried tantra massage before and it was something completely new and exciting.Thanks!
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