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Tantra masseuse Alena

A muse, that’s what we could call her. Whether you are looking for joy, inspiration or just understanding and acceptance, she is here for you. You will never feel disoriented with this woman. Her warmth and smile will help you relax and her mystery will awaken your curiosity. She will be a patient and passionate guide to the places where you’ve probably never been. Come and encounter your destiny and immerse yourself in the new chapter of your life.


I like to look beyond the normally perceived reality of the everyday. I dive into far-reaching depths of conscience, I admire the ungraspable beauty and wisdom of nature and I love to discover the immensity of human potential. Movement and progress are important for me in life. I let myself be carried away by its current, I learn to flow along its rapids and I pamper and praise my boat in the ports of beauty before further voyages. On board I enjoy doing art, yoga, music and last but not least studying life and beauty in any form.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra has opened up the map of my inner cosmos, it has relaxed my body and soul from the shackles of my mind and it has given structure to my spirituality. It is a path of self-knowledge, feelings and integration of my whole being for me. I see Tantra massage as a ritual of life and sensuality and an initiation into the depths of ecstatic experience. It is a fated encounter with oneself, a return to one’s own core. It is an uninhibited dance of life in the rhythm of the heartbeat.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

The magic of touch can only be fully revealed during the three-hour or longer Tantra Massage Deluxe, in which you can delve deep into your experiences and get lost in the ocean of emotions vibrating in your perfectly relaxed body and tranquil, calm mind. Tantra massage for couples is a challenge, a mystery and a meeting of hearts, all of which represent the essence of Tantra teaching for me.


I have been to several Tantra centers, this one is by far one of the best. Thank you!
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