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Tantra masseur Tomáš

Tomáš is a nice, open and positive thinking man who can “infect” you with his optimism and sense of humour. His massaging art and natural ease he uses to approach body, tantra and sexuality will charm you and help you let go all shame and embarrassment. Tomáš is a great choice for all men who want to enjoy a massage done with a firm male touch and are not afraid of experimenting. Get beyond the limits of everydayness and enjoy a massage you have been dreaming about.


I like travelling, good food and massages both in a role of a receiver or a giver.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra massage for me is a meditation I enjoy together with a client and a path towards beauty, love and everything we all mostly seek outside ourselves, although it is usually very near us. Tantra massage teaches a man to uncover the veil of secrecy and better understand yourself and your body that is often the quickest way to our soul. I like touching and caressing and beautiful moments of common resting and present being tantra massage offers.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I like all tantra massages but the most of all I enjoy Deluxe with tantra prostate massage and common bath and massaging ritual directly in the bath.



Today I received a 2.5 hours massage from Tomaš. It was a wonderful experience, intense, relaxed, intimate and free. I came to like Tomaš' energy very much. He has an ability to listen and follow the energy I very much enjoyed. I give Tomaš my very best recommandations. Warm regards,
Dear Thomas. Your treatment was incredible, relaxing both my soul and body. I appreciate especially your human mind and philosophy regarding people and the connection you are creating between yourself and your customers. Never before have I experienced this kind of a total physical satisfaction, and I wonder if I have missed something in my life, I know I have. I can recommend Tomas´ treatment to any man who would like to experience a new dimension without any kind of limits. Tomas´ treatment is beautiful, sensitive and both mentally and physically total. I miss you and I really hope to meet you soon again in Prague.
Good day, I would like to thank Tomáš for today´s “tantra initiation”. It was my first experience with tantra massage and it exceeded all my expectations by far! Tomáš was an excellent choice. I will be looking forward to my future visits.
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