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Tantra masseur Peter

Petr is a kind man looking for extraordinary in mundane things. He understands, that life is a proces and therefor he tirelessly focuses on details and tries to understand everything that happens around him. Despite his degree in technical field, he is very comfortable with abstract things. He works with healing energies and tries to give away at least a bit from his smile. He also studies chineese medicine.


I love honest hugs, warm smile and beautiful weather. I´m fascinated by colors of blossomed flowers whirlling in summer breeth. Strolling Prague in night, its panoramas and lights – it´s also my favourite thing, as well as birds singing in the morning and .... Umping on trees. I love dance and rhytmic music, which vibrates throuh my body and causes utmost .... From futile thoughts.

Why the tantra massage?

Thanks to Tantra two open souls can meet and experience something deeper and unfold a piece of mutual secret. Tantric massages is at the utmost intimate, libidinous and curative. Experiencing cuddling and spoiling of our godly body is a challenge. Tantra allows us to open up to power inside of us and taste a delight and joy of being which slowly flow in one and every cell of this amazing temple.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Petr loves four-handed tantra massage for its potential to loosen up perfectly and to bring about feeling of total spiritual and physical joy.


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