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Tantra masseur Ondra

Ondra is real man in true meaning of this phrase. Strong male energy is connected with emphasis and tenderness. He can guide, hold, care and listen. He can bear you happiness, arousal and tears. He will be there only for you. He can help you forget your troubles and fears and find your true self.


I love meditation in the sacred temple of nature. I am interested in Eastern martial arts and philosophy. Cooking is my passion, I love discovering new sensuous tastes. Woodwork brings me deep relaxation.

Why the tantra massage?

Permanent need to reciprocate is deeply in our culture and it could be quite stressful. Imagine that someone will take care of you, cherish you and your only job is to absorb given energies and relax. You are the centre of universe and this is exactly what tantra massage offers to you. Worries about what used to be or what will be are no longer important.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Ondra loves to have enough time in massage so he could deeply connect with you. This is why he prefers “Tantra massage De Luxe”, “Tantra massage Pterry Woman” or “Tantra massage as a ritual of tantric initiation”.



Dear Tantra massage, thank you for a very nice tantra massage today with Ondra and Anicka. It was as a wonderful tantric experience for both of us. We will certainly come back.
Anne & Rune
Last Saturday my husband and I had a pair tantra massage. We took our time writing you back but only now I feel the right moment to thank for such intense experience. After the massage I was quite confused and didn’t know what to think or say. On the second day right after I woke up I felt certain what we experienced then I would like to repeat again! I was so happy, relaxed and satisfied! I am not afraid to say it was one of the most wonderful experience of my life. We agreed to pay you another visit soon. Please give our thanks to Ondra nad Jana as well.
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