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Tantra masseur Nari

Nari will win your trust with his openness and easiness thanks to which you immediately feel relaxed and at ease. In spite of his youthful looks and a big smile Nari has an unbelievable inner strength and appeal that will charm you, but it will also allow you to succumb to his experienced hands. Nari is an empathic and sensitive guide who does every massage as if the current moment was never to end.


I like to learn the depths of human soul and all its colours and hues. I like to meet people over a cup of tea, talk and discover their little stories, the pleasures and coincidences that shape us. I also like to wander barefoot in the forests of our beautiful planet, surrounded by silence and the words of mother nature. Nature is a powerful teacher and it will teach everyone who is willing to listen at least a little bit everything they need to know to be happy. I like to listen to her call whether in the form of a gurgling stream, blooming meadows and fields or picturesque sunsets. And she does talk...

Why the tantra massage?

Once you experience and understand the true state of bliss, you start to wish the same to other people in the world. I experienced this state of mind and after that I searched for a long time for the teaching whose knowledge and mastery would show me the dreamed-of art: to learn to provide the state of absolute bliss to myself and others. The moment I came across the art of Tantra I realised that my destiny is to follow the path of Tantra initiation and become a Tantra guide. Thanks to Tantra I can join you and guide you on your journey through life by the only right way: your own way.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I don’t know of greater joy than passing on joy through sincere human touch and helping others learn the state of inner bliss, joy and absolute submission of the body and soul. My favourite Tantra massage procedures thus include Tantra Massage Deluxe which provides space to tune into each other and hand over Tantra experience. Other favourite massage types are also Tantra Massage for Couples or Four-Hand Tantra Massage.

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Speechless - it was so good! What a nice guy with a perfect massage. Thank you. You have a new fan.
Tantra massage with Nari was a really beautiful experience! I would describe it as a quite original and very intense tantric massage, which is worth every euro! The short conversation before the massage is helpful to fix each person's limits. What a pity he does not live in Brussels.
Frederic, 42
This was my first Tantra massage and I have to admit that it was an amazing experience. Nari had very professional and sensitive approach. I was curious and nervous but a short talk quickly helped me to feel comfortable. The place is very cozy and nice and he is very clear about the way it is going to happen. I felt quickly in the right hands for this sensitive journey. I can only advice to give tantra massage with Nari a try, this is a unique experience.
Phillip, 45
It was great, intense and powerful massage. A wonderful boy, very professional and aware of your reactions and desires! Highly recommended!!!
Laurenz, 52
At first I was pretty nervous, I did not know what to expect from tantra massage. But because of the pleasant chat at the beginning he immediately made me feel at ease. Once the massage started, I immediately felt relaxed and enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. I had a great first experience, and hope there is more to follow.
Benoit, 27
Nari was a great guide during my very first tantric massage. He was very empathetic; willingly answering all my questions and helping me overcome my nervousness. His touch shows experience and he is also a great masseur with good technique. I can certainly recommend Nari as a masseur. I am looking forward to another massage and care in his hands.
David, 31
Nari is a real professional. He doesn´t hesitate to give you some extra time to explain what is the tantra massage experience about and he knows exactly how to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. He can give a very good massage, which gives your body a relaxing feeling. You can feel ecstasy when he touches you. I have never seen a person so young so spiritually powerful. The tips what to do afterward were also super and the after talk made it a very nice experience. Keep doing this nice job.
Carlos, 48
It was my first time I experienced Tantra, but it changed my thinking of sensuality completely. This young and good-looking guy brought me during the session to the upper spheres. I felt revitalized afterward. What I liked the most about the massage is how committed and full of passion he was performing the job. Clear rules in advance made it easy for both of us. I’m definitely coming back for him,
Rémi, 22
Letting Nari massage me was an amazing experience. He is giving so much to make this massage a unique moment. Looking forward to meet him again.
Edward, 53
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