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Tantra masseur Míra

Míra is an unusually charismatic man. From the very first moment he will captivate you with his manner, openness and ease. His enthusiasm is contagious. When you set out on a journey with him, you don’t need to worry about anything. It is unbelievable how he can provide security, support and strength while leaving space for you and your needs. He sees every encounter as a unique and exceptional moment and he sees depth in every story. He puts the whole world in every touch.


I like the poetry of every day as well as the poetry of the unusual, the rhythm of old architecture, floating clouds in the sky, the talk of the trees, the distance of journeys and the world of fantasy. I like to discover the beauty and music of women, the hidden and the revealed, the visible and the invisible. I adore the human touch. It fills me with inspiration and hope that people can understand each other more then when they use words.

Why the tantra massage?

For me Tantra is a path towards the neglected reality of the body, in which all the answers to our questions lie hidden. Tantra ritual is for me a meeting, in which touch is an initiation. It thrills you, it opens you to the mysterious and awakens your senses. Tantra will capture you and enchant you. With its look without words, acceptance, enigma. Tantra massage is a way of the Spirit. An intoxicating drink, a sweet scent as well as mystical connection. Gentle waves are followed by tropical storms. After sharp sunshine comes the calmness of the Moon and the light breeze of the night. Exotic islands full of scents, music and joy exult, if you visit them with courage and openness. Look into the heart of a volcano, breathe your way to clear being, pull down all masks. Meditate in calm waters. The murmur of the sea will carry your soul to the secrets and enigmas of existence, while I hold the helm tight and won’t let you get lost.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Even shorter trips and excursions can give the body the required energy for harmonisation, healing and for a deep inhale and exhale, but I still recommend you to set out on longer journeys together, during which we have time for everything you come for. My favourite massage is thus the Pretty Woman Luxury Tantra Massage, The Birth of a Venus and Tantra Massage Deluxe. I also like four-hand Tantra massage which interconnect male and female energy and provide a new experience. A challenge and a joy are Tantra massages for couples which provide a deep transformative experience and a shift on both sides of the pair.



I got tantra massage voucher from my brother as a birthday gift and I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about it. I have never tried tantra massage before, so I was wondering whether to choose a masseuse or a masseur. I'm very happy that I finally decided for masseur Mira. He was very empathetic and charismatic and I felt good in his presence. After a pleasant conversation, nervousness was replaced by curiosity and I was ready to start the ritual. It started slowly and I felt relaxed and energized at the same time. As the massage continued, I suddenly felt a wave of happiness, because I have not experienced anything like this for so long. The tenderness and care I received brought tears into my eyes. Everything bad was left behind and I felt light, relaxed, happy and healed. Thank you very much for this deep experience!
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