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Tantra masseur Milan

I perceive tantra Massage primarily like a intimate human encounter, and the opportunity for self-knowledge and the awakening of inner energy, joy and zest for life, for me and for a client as well. Tantra massage helps if you want to relax or draw new strength because it gives you both. I will be a sensitive guide for exploring your sexuality, awakening the senses and experience of present moment.


Milan is a nice and charming young man interested in adventures. Maybe this is why he fell in love with Tantra massage. He likes reading and discussing philosophy, meeting new people and exploring new things.

Why the tantra massage?

He likes to make other people happy and one of his favourite ways of doing this is to care for someone during a massage. He works not only with the body, but also with feelings, emotions and atmosphere. He also works with Reiki energy. Contrary to other kinds of massage, Tantra massage is all about intimacy enabling us to share lots of those experiences together. For Milan, each meeting is an inspiration and a pleasant meditative experience.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Milan prefers longer tantric massages as they enable going deeper and devoting more time and energy to the procedure. Moreover, he also likes the sparkling energy of couples Tantra massages.



I would like to thank you very much for a perfect Tantric massage of my friend from Scotland. It was a wedding gift from me and another friend. My friend was very positively surprised as he did not know what to expect until the very last moment (it was a surprise). It was all wonderful – champagne, beautiful decorations as well as the professionalism of the masseur Milan. I am sure he will visit your place next time he comes to the Czech Republic. Thanks!
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