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Tantra masseur Milan

Milan is very nice man, very experienced in various massage techniques. He knows how to make the receiving woman feel extraordinary and beautiful, how to pamper her, make her feel close to another and how to understand her daily troubles. Simply put, Milan is an experienced guide on an adventurous journey exploring the beauty of touching and the magic of tantra.


I really love the colors and mood of the late-summer in Provence, as portrayed in the film A Good Year. I enjoy walking in the forest with my dog. On some days, I enjoy being alone and practicing meditation but on another, I fancy evenings with my friends. I am interested in psychology and Eastern philosophy. I think it is really exciting to observe the wisdom of these old religions being rediscovered and renamed in modern parlance by current psychotherapy, transformation techniques and especially, quantum physics.

Why the tantra massage?

Today, I consider tantra massage to be one of the strongest transformation techniques I have had the chance to encounter. In fact, love and its manifestation in the form of sexual energy have the power to change your heart and the way you think about the world. These are three parts that, when they are in accordance, can really move us towards a new reality. And what kind of feeling might you experience? Simply put, you will feel like being in love again. It all seems so wonderful and heady as your brain enjoys “dopamine baths”, which then go really deep down into your emotions and totally overwhelm you. You will rise to a stage of unadulterated bliss. Being in this stage is like being in love. In general, when you are in love you are more willing to risk and change the things you would not otherwise be capable of changing. Remember, in the love-stage you really are changing and transforming yourself. In other words, you stop existing, though not physically, of course. We only leave those parts of our brain that are related to our relationship with people, places, things, situations and moments. We rewire and then transform our brains into a new way of life, a new reality in fact. And we will make overall changes in the end.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I am strongly inspired by bio-energetics, body therapy, Taoist holistic massage as well as classical massage when performing tantra massages. I think it is important to follow the basic tantra principles, which focus on tantra not only as physical touching between two people, but as of the touching of two hearts, communicating without words. It is a ritual when two people become one through closeness and mutual trust. And this happens during a long Deluxe Tantra Massage or sensual Deluxe Pretty Woman Massage, to give just a couple of examples.

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