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Tantra masseur Martin

Martin is a charming young man with gentle hands and an open heart. He knows how to listen, understand and accept a woman the way she is. With all the worries and joys of life, with all she needs at that particular time. He is a sensitive guide on the way to your own body as well as an experienced masseur who knows how to initiate the receiver step-by-step into the secrets of tantra massage.


When I have a little time off I like to do various exercises, such as running, Tai-chi, but also juggling or ice-hockey. Moreover, I also love singing and playing the guitar or going on a trek in nature where I gain new life energy and inspiration.

Why the tantra massage?

For me, tantric massage offers a space where a woman can slowly and peacefully put away all the roles of her external world and experience a deep and intimate meeting with her inner self at the present moment. Through physical touch and loving support, she can get to her real Self and enjoy her true identity. During tantra massage, there is time for the client to explore and experience moments of inner peace and self-acceptance. Tantra massage offers many treasures and it is up to us how deep we allow ourselves to go. I will be happy to be your guide through this adventure and I will happily offer you the necessary care and release.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

During tantric massage, I like to feel a woman blossoming under my hands; to enjoy her relaxing and gaining new energy so necessary in this modern world full of expectations and obligations. Therefore, I prefer the long Deluxe tantra massage with plenty of time and space for building mutual trust and the experience of total caring. I also like the Pretty Woman tantra massage, full of tender touch and caring attention, but also with the fragrances, flowers and sweets so intimate to women. For the brave ones, there is also the option of a tantric bath with fragrant oils, rose petals, Dead Sea bath salts and a massage right in the bath tub.



Martin is a virtuoso who massaged me so well, that he made my soul sing and my body play a grand concert! I experienced tantra massage for the first time, and I hope it was not last. Thanks!
I want to thank you for the wonderful experience and the kind and empathetic approach during my first visit in your tantric center. I spent several months thinking if I should visit you or if I should just give it up. I am so happy that found the courage and I´ve decided to come, because it was just great! I am still full of impressions and under the influence of this experience I have become really interested in tantra. You have opened the door to another world for me and I am sure I want to visit it again. I would never believe that I would enter to a new, unfamiliar environment, full of fear and tension from contact with a stranger, and I would leave as balanced women, feeling like a goddess, so full of positive impression. All thanks to Martin and the empathic receptionist. Thank you for the new knowledge and understanding and also thanks to my boyfriend, who gave me the voucher for tantra massage in your studio.
Quality, good atmosphere, professional attitude, very friendly environment. I went for massage and also training later on. Both together with Martin, who was very empathic, gave a space, fantastic guidance and felt what he should and can do. Fantastic experience all over, the training together with Martin was an extra experience, full of philosophy, but also practical exercise. All tailor made for me. Very much worth coming over.
Good morning, it´s going to be two weeks on Sunday since we have visited your place with my wife but definitely not for the last time! We have always enjoyed a couple massage together and my wife always preferred a masseuse. However, this time she decided to try a masseur. We had no idea what to expect, therefore we chose a massage in separate rooms. I was paired with Livia and my wife chose Jakub. Our experience goes beyond all superlative descriptions! I have enjoyed Tantric massage many times, alone or with my wife, but this time with Livia and Martin was really special, perfect! I would never believe something like this was even possible. My wife was also very excited. Thank you very much, we still feel very relaxed and we recall those Tantric feelings with Livia and Martin (our guides through Heaven) when having our intimate moments. We are both sure to come back to your studio and we are already looking forward to it. And me personally – I can´t resist those beautiful eyes!
Good evening,

I would like to thank one more time to Martin for such a wonderful Saturday massage experience. I totally lost the sense of time and I enjoyed the massage very much. I feel so good. I still have to think of that experience, it was indescribably beautiful!
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