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Tantra masseur Martin P.

Martin is a charismatic man with large hands, a strong touch and a perfect knowledge of anatomy and how to treat the body, a field he has been active in for over fifteen years. He is a good companion and a real professional who will give your body with whatever it needs.


I find inspiration in the country which is a source of calm and joy for me. A proper training session at a gym or a yoga lesson, which I do regularly, always helps me clear my head. My levels of adrenalin are always raised by skydiving or mountain hiking. I love travelling and adventure, but quiet moments with a cup of coffee and a good book or good company too.

Why the tantra massage?

As a professional sportsman I see massage not only as a great relaxation, but also as an important part of taking care of one’s health and overall wellbeing. Massage is a great way to restore the natural balance of the body, relief pain and start the process of regeneration and healing. An important part of it is also stress removal and psychological relaxation, which are part of any good massage.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I always adapt each massage session to your wishes, needs and physical condition. My favourite type is therapeutic rehab massage. In this unique deep massage I use a combination of pressure and oil massage and at the same time the knowledge of pressure points that relax deep muscle tension. The combination of these elements relaxes blockages, stress and muscle stiffness. Massage thus relaxes tension and pain, animates the lymphatic system and makes energy flow around your whole body, so you will feel rejuvenated.

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Martin provides a legitimate and professional massage that is outstanding. After a long transatlantic flight, it was just what I needed. Not only was the massage therapeutic, but he also made me feel very welcomed. He engaged in conversation at the beginning to help relax and connect but soon the soothing music was all that was heard. For anyone traveling to (or living in) Prague, I would highly recommend you schedule a session with Martin at his convenient and attractive location. I’m glad I did!
I came for the massage almost coincidentally, but it was the best treatment for my little bit over trained body. I got the best care that I can imagine and from that time I became a regular client. Martin is very professional, firm and pleasant massage therapist. I would recommend his massage to everyone who trains hard or is exhausted from hard working, physically or mentally.
I enjoyed a fabulous combination of a state of trance and relax, being treated by the most attractive, attentive and knowledgeable massage therapist. Martin is a great and wonderful person, gives an unbelievable creative massage with professional touch and sensitivity. He is full in concentration on you and before and after he does a charming and intelligent conversation. Thanks for this very special massage date.
Martin is worth the metro ride. His studio is beautiful, clean and very serene. When he opened the door I could not stop looking at him. He is so good looking. His massage was powerful in sense that he worked you to release tensions but without being a painful deep tissue. He knows the body muscle structure as his physic shows it. He knows what to stretch, how to knead and how to rub the knots. He is super professional, kind and great to talk to. I hope to meet him again one day.
Martin was very professional and warm. He has great technical skill when it comes to targeting tension and difficult area of your body. He was able to relieve some extreme tightness in my body. He made me completely relaxed and comfortable and I highly recommend him, very nice guy.
I booked a last minute appointment with Martin during my trip to Prague. He was fine with fitting me in and making sure that I could get treated. He is an incredible massage therapist that really knows what he is doing. I am grateful that I have found a masseur that I can trust and deal with. Martin if you read this, THANK YOU for an incredible massage! I hope to book in once again I’m in Prague.
Eddie, Australia
I just love this studio. Great massages in an excellent environment. I have a massage with masseur Martin every week for at least 2h and he has been doing a great job. I highly recommend to visit him. My favorite is Deep tissue massage.
I have to confirm that the information in Martin´s medallion that he is a charismatic man with big hands and a firm touch is absolutely true. The massage in his style was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. I never felt like I was going to return to any massage therapist before, but everything has changed with Martin. Somebody who massages with such a strength and tender is hard to find. Thank you for a great massage and I'm looking forward to next time.
Rita, 35
Martin gives the best deep tissue massage I have ever received. He knows exactly how to relieve the aches and pains in the body. I schedule appointments anytime I am in the same city as him. I can highly recommend Martins massage.
UTA, Germany
Martin is definitely one of the most thorough, rejuvenating, healing masseurs I have ever had the privilege to schedule an appointment with. I've gotten massages from him several times. He has incredible knowledge and his massage techniques are flawless. His stretching techniques have also helped my shoulders and lower back and upper back tremendously. He is always very generous with his knowledge and advice, helping me with an eating plan and with various exercises to help me attain my goals.
Michael, San Diego, CA
Martin is better than any other massage therapists I've ever tried. His has very strong touch which is what I wanted and he fantastically did. He has an amazing personality, well-traveled, and a lifelong journey in clean fitness and bodybuilding. I had 3 appointments with him while he was living in San Diego. His level of fitness is awesome and each time I requested 10/10 deep pressure and he did that for 2 hours. Not only he lasted the entire 2 hours but he was actually happy to do his workout on me. He was laughing and joked that he wishes all his clients were like this...Not only you will get a first-class massage from a CHAMPION, but also I received valuable tips on workouts.
I.H., San Diego
I met Martin at my local gym and immediately liked him. He gave me three massages during his stay in Redditch. I was so impressed by his professionalism and open-hearted demeanour I paid him more than he was asking and had he not left England for the USA I would happily have continued with his services. After each massage he left me feeling both relaxed and rejuvenated. Martin has the healing touch!
Robert, England, GB
Sessions like this make you worry a little if you will ever find another masseur that will match up. It was outstanding massage by consummate professional. Took cues from me on my preferences but more importantly used his expertise to deliver a great experience including some cosmic stretches at the end. I require extremely deep pressure and man does he deliver. I will not spend time in San Diego without booking a session.
Graeme, Bethesda, MD
Great massage, great experience. Wish it was longer. He was amazing, start to finish. Martin is a great guy, so knowledgeable, great mix of deep tissue therapeutic massage. He is also very handsome and in incredible shape. Very inspiring! Hope to see him again very soon.
Mike, San Diego, CA
Martin is extraordinary and a wonderful find in Prague. As a bodybuilder, he not only has knowledge of the body but he has real strength and a superb technique as well. He is a delightful man, great attitude, super friendly and really knows what he is doing. He provides what a therapeutic massage is supposed to be. I booked 90 minutes and got a massage of the highest quality that raises the bar significantly for my top category of masseurs. He is easy to book and in Prague very easy to find, near public transportation and his place is very inviting. He uses a minimum amount of natural oils because all of the strength in his muscles goes right into your body, consistently and evenly as he works on you. If you are in Prague or see him travelling other places, book him. For what you get his prices are extraordinarily reasonable. Thank you, Martin, for a wonderful experience!
Charles, Houston, TX
Martin has magic fingers! This talented, open-minded, open-hearted guy with a great attitude gives a relaxing massage, just what you need to invigorate those tired muscles after a heavy workout, or just to make you feel as though you're walking on air. I thoroughly recommend Martin for the best massage you'll ever have!
Bob, England, GB
Martin provides the best massages ever. I always take 2,5h long massage, because I work out in the gym regularly and my body gets often really tight. This guy knows exactly what he is doing and he is strong enough to release really tight muscles. He always helps me a lot. My favourite is a deep tissue massage. Highly recommended.
Michelle, San Diego, CA
For one of the most memorable massages you'll ever experience, check out Slovakian Martin whose magic fingers will work wonders on those tense and tired muscles. This world champion bodybuilder and highly qualified masseur is no meathead: a globe-trotter, he has a fascinating repartee to keep you entertained and whenever I can I make a massage by Martin a must. Do the same and you won't be disappointed.
Robert, UK
Martin is the best masseur I have come across. His massaging techniques can be felt with every movement of his hands. You get the feeling you’re being massaged by not one pair, but two pairs of hands at the same time. I can’t wait for my next massage. 100% satisfaction, I sincerely recommend. Thank you.
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