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Tantra masseur Marek

Marek is a charismatic, experienced and sympathetic tantra therapist, a masseur and a tantra trainer with sensual touch, respecting attitude and open heart and mind, who is a great guide to seeking intimacy, relaxation or purely therapeutic effects.


I got familiar with the base of a firm and emphatic touching and movement while studying martial arts I have been devoting myself to for over twenty years. I have been dealing with massages for about fifteen years while the last ten years I have also been teaching reflex therapy, relaxation massage and cranial sacral biodynamic therapy. For several years I have been teaching tantra courses. Along with relaxation level of tantra massage I devote myself to therapeutic level mostly aimed at women that desire to develop their intimacy enjoyment, but are blocked by past negative experiences. I took many courses and trainings amongst which belong also aroma therapy, classical, reflex or tantra massages, cranial sacral bio dynamics, family constellations, kinesiology, holding therapy training, movement and touch therapy courses and others. At the moment I fully devote myself to process-oriented therapy training.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra for me symbolises a honouring and gentle acceptance of myself and everything around me; people, animals and nature. For any human a safe environment and acceptance of who we are is important. Only then we can be true to ourselves. During my work as tantra masseur my attitude is to be firmly grounded inside myself, tune a client and create a safe space where we can address anything that feels significant with tenderness, firmness and curiosity. In our bodies there are desires, dreams, fears but also love, joy and nature. Through honouring body by tantra ritual it is possible all our dreams came true in reality of physical and mental health. A woman is a woman in the first place; then she is also a partner and a mother. During emphatic massage she becomes a woman again, she can let go of the rough male role and feel, perceive and rejoice in her natural way and then shift the experience into the common life and create it in her own way. Not only to be a nice and gentle, but also firm and energetic. For me there is nothing that ought to happen on mine or client´s part during the ritual. Intimacy is a sacred thing and nothing should be speeded unnaturally. I experienced a tantra massage during which a client remained with her clothes on, only partially undressed or naked under the sheets just the way she felt then. Tantra is an instrument and a gift to create a self-aware and happy life.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Regarding my therapeutic inclinations and natural hedonism I enjoy long pampering tantra massages when I can honour a woman and take care of her the best I can and the way she needs. My favourite tantra massage is Pretty Woman and the Birth of Venus including a bath and a peeling.

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