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Tantra masseur Jakub

Jakub is a charismatic, experienced man with a gentle and firm touch who will help you relax into the experience of tantra massage and succumb to the magic of the present moment. He will be your sensitive, intelligent guide who knows how to take care of a woman and provide her with understanding and the support she needs to succumb completely. Relax into his experienced touch and live out the moments you have only dreamt of so far.


I love dancing, especially swing, Charleston and salsa, apart from dancing I also like sports. I regularly jog, cycle and climb mountains. When I don’t massage I like to meditate by playing the saxophone.

Why the tantra massage?

For me tantra is the art of seeing, exploring and discovering the inner beauty of every woman and then celebrating it and worshiping it in the ritual of tantra massage with candle light and the scent of oriental oils. Each woman is different and unique and deserves the attention and care I can provide during ritual tantra massage. It is my honour to help you open the door to yourself and share the unique moment of awakening the body and freeing the spirit. Tantra massage can take on many forms and it is a challenge and a vocation for me to discover the one you need most at the given moment.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

For me tantra massage is more than a physical massage of the body. It is a unique, healing interaction which brings deep relaxation to the body and the soul, as well as the feeling of deep bonding and relaxation. To be able to experience everything that tantra massage has to offer, you need to give yourself space in which your body can relax and succumb and I can pamper you as much as you deserve. My favourite massages include the Deluxe Tantra Massage or the luxury Pretty Woman Tantra Massage.



I would like to share my wonderful experience with tantra massage with Jakub. Words can´t express how much I received from him! He gave me not only respect but also a lot of energy and joy. His humbleness and great inner commitment fascinate me. I wish you all the best with all my heart.
I would like to share couple words of appreciation of my experience at this magical, lovely place. The facilities were so nicely designed, pleasant and full of good taste. Everything was professionally organized. It is clear that this center pays a lot of attention to its customer care. Moreover it's fast and easy to reach it by taxi from the city center. I immediately felt positive and welcomed. My tantra massage session was 3 hours long and my masseur was Jakub. The massage of itself was amazing too. Jakub is an amazing, passionate and experienced man with really magical touch. I felt amazing exchange with him. It is pretty clear that he loves his job. I felt great after the massage. I can only recommend this center to anyone craving for a true tantric experience. This is definitely a place to visit.
It has been a while since I experienced my first tantra massage with you, but I still don´t have words to describe how amazing it was. It was absolutely great, thank you very much.
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