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Tantra masseur Jirka

Meting Jirka will make you feel, that something has changed. You don’t know what, but you feel that something is different. Jirka is happy when he can help and take care of other people. Causing happiness touches him deeply and makes him feel overjoyed.


Jirka is interested in interpersonal relationships and he tries to understand why people behave the way they do. He works with energies and uses his knowledge to work as a healer. He also studies Reiki and examines the world through different religions, science and social classes using his own experience, gained in the army and in the world of computers. He is impressed with Irish Culture and also likes to travel around the world and Czech countryside. Drinking tea with honey, music, and relax in nature are one of the greatest pleasures.

Why the tantra massage?

Tantra is one step in energetic road of my soul. I think that people are further away from each other every day. They don’t understand who they really are and what they could achieve. Instead of slowing down in these stressful days, they bear their fear, rage and many other negative emotions home to their families. They should not be affected by negative emotions, or even better they should be able to use gained energy from those emotions to create a healthier world. Tantra massage offers you relaxation and helps you realize your true self that leads you even if you try to ignore it.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Jirka’s most favourite massages are the longest ones. Tanra massage De luxe for three hours when you have enough time to open and accept yourself with all your virtues and deficiencies. He loves to give the best he can and how much are able to accept. He enjoys massages for women as well as for men and “tantra massages for couples” or “four – hand tantra massage” because more people means connection of more energies and emotions.

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