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Tantra masseur David

David is an intelligent, reflective, open and spontaneous young man who practices dynamic tantra massage full of intimacy and sensual playfulness. Because of his natural sense of humor, gentle character and honesty, you will soon feel relaxed and self-aware in his presence. David loves his job and he looks forward to every new client. Thanks to his positive energy and well-trained massage techniques you will experience moments that you will never forget.


Since I was a child, I have been in love with nature, especially animals. For me, animals like dogs are pure souls… a dog will love you for who you are, he does not care what you look like, what you are wearing at that moment or whether you have or don't have any money. He simply enjoys every moment with you. And this is why I can fully relax while walking through the zoo or a forest. Also, I am very passionate about cooking, especially when I have a reason to cook for somebody. The biggest enemy in my life is prejudices and I try to overcome and break it whenever I can. I tend to show people that they must look deeper and consider each person individually. There is no need to be afraid of the unknown and it is worth getting to know something before you judge it.

Why the tantra massage?

For me, tantra is something I had already been unconsciously familiar with long before I underwent my first tantra course. Tantra´s principles are already deeply rooted in each of us. For example, the feeling that you not only love someone but you also feel he/she is part of your inner world and you can experience all the beautiful moments each of us is longing for all of our lives with her/him. Tantra is sort of a recipe or, perhaps, a manual for baking a delicious pie while having all the ingredients inside of us. What I like about tantra is also the fact that there is no rush for anything: it is simply a possibility and it is up to you whether you accept it, or not, or even how far you may want to go. I find true pleasure and satisfaction in showing this path to my clients and exploring with them where it can lead. Nowadays, we live in a very fast-paced world with specific and preferred models of behavior distancing us from our real selves. Tantra helps you to find your natural self. I am happy to be your guide on this beautiful and exciting journey.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

I like long massages, like the Deluxe Tantra Massage, where there is enough time and space for physical as well as mental relaxation and where we can enjoy our fantasies and playfulness together. In my opinion, the very best massage is the Royal Deluxe 3.5 hour massage in combination with a ritual tantra bath where I can massage and pamper you right in our comfortable luxury bath tub.

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I visit David last Saturday. 3 days after I visited him and I am still in the wonderful energy of this unique experience. I went without any expectations and willing to surrender myself completely to the “now” moment and enjoy the tantric massage journey. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience, where time seemed to be vanished. Every touch was an unconditional touch with love and tenderness.

David is a very sweet man with a big heart, an Angel who knows what he is doing. He is a very well-trained professional masseur. He receives me in a beautiful atmosphere and has an eye for detail.

I took a full sessions which is its value more than worth it and not comparable with other massage which I tried before. The massage of David is a unique journey into heaven, a one of a kind experience that is difficult to find so enjoy the journey of receiving love energy and being loved. I will definitely go back to David because for me, he offers the best Tantra massage that I ever experienced in my life. Thank you David for everything you are.
David is a genius. It was one of the best experiences of my life. During my tantra journey I was able to reconnect with a part of myself that seemed lost. I feel blessed and very grateful for that opportunity. Besides that it was a wonderful, pleasurable experience where I felt 100% comfortable, understood and safe to really relax, feel and let it flow. Thank you!
Absolutely amazing! Best 2 hours of my life and I mean it. So last Saturday I was visiting Prague and decided to visit this place. Arriving here I was greeted by a very pleasant lady who spoke perfect English. I felt relaxed and happy as soon as I walked in. She guided me to the massage room, told me to relax and help myself to fruit and tea. The ambience was very inviting and relaxing. I cannot speak highly enough David who was, who was my stairway to heaven that evening. I am always tense physically and dislike being touched. I also automatically put up mental defences. Somehow David was able to bring down these walls and make me totally at ease with the pre-massage chat. Maybe it's his easygoing demeanour, his cheery mood, and the interest he takes in you. Whatever the reason, David is probably the only person, ever, I have trusted with free reign I highly recommend this place and VERY highly recommend David. Rest assured, I will visit again!
Hedon, 34
Finally, true tantra and a proper tantric massage! When I left David, after more than three hours, I was not only recalling all his wonderful touches and techniques, but also his enthusiasm, sense of detail, our deep connection, and electrifying atmosphere throughout the massage. His masculine closeness and our mutual connection throughout the massage made me feel, that everything should have happened exactly like this. I am looking forward to see David again soon.
If you are a man looking in Tantra for more than erotic massage from a man you need look no further than David. I put myself in his hands today and have never in my life had such a wonderful massage and I have had loads over the years. In part that was because with the breathing I have learnt I could stay with every moment and not drift off. It was extremely relaxing, enlivening and pleasurable. I can't recommend him highly enough. I shall return in my next visit to Prague.
This is day 1 after my experience with David, although the word experience is not appropriate. Besides, no word exists to describe what I lived. A mixture of sweetness, generosity, delicacy, emotions, sensations, inner happiness, reconnection with the body, passion, sincere and unconditional love, fusion.

For a long time, I hesitated to take the step of discovering this world of tantra. Supposedly, my body & my mind were not ready yet. Choosing a good tantric masseur is not easy, choosing David is obvious as his philosophy is clear, limpid, coming from the depths of him. To meet David is first of all a privilege, a chance, a gift.

As an occasional masseur I know a pleasure of providing a well-being as an creator of a positive energy that is beyond us. I felt this pleasure during our moment; for it is indeed there, our moment, where one or two beings merge to form one, in the trust of each other, in the transmission and in the reception of tantra.

I arrived without special expectations, giving free rein to my body so that it reappropriates each part of itself according to the touched points, massed by David. The energy received exceeded all I could ever imagine. Many cellular ecstasy moments occurred, tears of emotion sank twice, feeling blessed to be treated with as much attention as never before.
This never-ending moment, where one feels oneself leaving for other horizons, sincerely and truly loved, without having to give back is happiness. My body shared a bit of that love by merging energetically. David confessed me that he had a special connection during our time. Just to rethink, emotion is still present; spasms which are regularly present throughout my body are gone since yesterday, as ecstasy continues.

For all who have seen the film Avatar, the image that comes to my mind characterizing this fusion that I experienced is the moment when the Na'vi connects to the tree of life to make only ONE. The image can drive you to smile, nevertheless, represents our connection of consciousness.

We then continued with a ritual bath. An experience not to be missed where we unite with the water and all being thanks to his powerful energy. The gentle exfoliation revitalizes the skin, watering is revealing sensations increased tenfold.

I feel so grateful to have discovered this master in his philosophy of life.

Thank you David for what you have, we will meet again very soon.
I enjoyed my tantra massage with David very much. He had a kind and personal approach, explained beforehand what would happen and did a very relaxing and professional massage. He was available for the time that I requested, and he prepared the room on time. I liked the studio, the massage room was equipped with shower and toilet facilities, the interior was comfortable and relaxing. I would choose a massage with David at your massage center again.
Dear David, thank you with all my heart for a wonderful experience that you have prepared for me during today's tantric massage. I think the word "massage" can´t capture the strong energetical experience I had. I felt that almost every cell in my body was involved and excited.I felt that doing tantra massages and your contact with me was much more than a job. It was a mission that you carry with love. Be happy. Your client Daniel
I had time of my life with David. He was exactly as described in the website and even more..... young, discrete, playful, someone who loves what he does, gentle, caring, professional, emotional, attentive to my needs. You should have treatment with him if you know all about Tantra and know what to expect and what not to expect. I had Tantra deluxe massage with him for 3.5 hours two days in a row and it was not enough for me. In addition to that I had ritual bath with him and we flied together in the bath over the clouds and to the wonderland. Ritual bath is a must with him. He taught breathing teqniques to me as well. I've had tantric massage in other places and countries but this was something different. A unique experience. I cannot stop but I have to. I will definitely be back to Prague even if not for business for having massage with David.
Fara (40)
Excellent real tantric massage based on intuition, lots of talents and trainings. Wonderful person to discuss with. I will recommend him to my friends. Thank you david for your special and unique tantra massage!
I can only recommend David. He loves his work and does it with passion and good attitude showing you the best of tantra massage.
David is a cute guy with beautifull energy. He is very polite, always smiling, but also a true professionnal. He is an excellent masseur with very physical, energetic and relaxing massages! David is giving his all for your relaxation and your well-being. Good mental attitude too. Don´t miss this expirience to be treated like a king during his sessions.I highly recommend him. Thank you!
What a great experience and for sure not my last one with David. Excellent tantra massage by a charming personality!
This young and very beautiful man knows how to touch you in order to release your body and mind and bring the awereness into every moment of his extraordinary tantra massages. When he was touching me, I felt totaly free. I am so happy that I met him once in my liftime. I hope that you will meet him too! You will be very happy and lucky. Thank you David for a super nice moments with you.I hope to see you again!
A really wonderful tantra massage from a lovely man who knows and cares about what he is doing and his clients wellbeing. Not to be missed.
I can highly recommend David for your tantra massage. It was so nice to be in heaven via his marvellous hands. It evoked many different kind of sensations and emotions in me, for the good, for the better. Just what I really needed. You are a true professional with intuition, David. I am sure to come to your massage again.
I found David online and was thrilled to find someone with his talents here in Prague! David was immediately welcoming and had set up the massage room with music, incense and candles. It was very comforting. We spoke for quite a while about what tantra is and that helped me to better know what to expect from this massage. But I was wrong - it was so much better than I could have anticipated. He covered ever part of me with expert touches, from hard to soft, from head to toe and back again and again. He's a very caring and sensuous man who loves what he does and it shows.When I left I didn't have that groggy feeling that I normally do after a massage that tends to last a couple hours or so. Instead I left feeling alive and present - walking taller even. Everything feels connected now from my elbow to my inner thigh and my ankle to the spot behind my ear. I couldn't recommend him highly enough!
I had today the pleasure to meet David. He has magical hands and brings you to another world.
David is an absolutely excellent tantric masseur; I have never experienced anything like that before. Before my personal experience, I simply though tantric massage is an erotic service. In fact, it is something very different. I have never experienced such a depth in my life before; I felt like another human being when I was leaving the studio. Thank you very much, David. I am sure to come back soon again as I want to move a little further.
I usually take Swedish or Hot Lava stone massage, rarely Thai massage too. I have come to that point of my life when I felt it was time to try something new that I have never experienced before. I was searching on the internet for days to find the right place, and I was hesitating to go for it or not. I found David's profile very attractive, and the Massage Center's website's detailed information on the subject convinced me to give a try here. I do not regret a second. Upon arrival I was invited to the treatment room, nice and peaceful, took a seat, could have tea and fruits. Then David came in and we started chatting about why we were here. I found his way of thinking and attitude very welcoming, approachable and personel. After taking a shower I rang the bell and he reentered. There was no rush, after his first touch when we were just standing opposite each other I felt his passion, that this will be someting unique, and I was sure that I am in good hands. The first few moments were incredible, my walls collapsed in seconds. Then we just went with the flow. Enjoyed the moment. David is young and seems to be fragile, but he has power, strengh and his success is that he does the massage not only mechanically, but you truly feel his soul, and that makes the difference. every minute, every touch and act was just so natural. I had trust in him and he created an intimate and peaceful atmosphere. What else can is say? When it was over, I gave him a hug and I could almost cry but felt happy at the same time that my first Tantra massage experience was with him. I would love to come back again for longer sessions. Thank you David, and thanks to Michaela, the owner of the place for having him! Higly recommended!
Josh (35)
This was my very first experience with tantra massage and I am glad to experience it with David. He brought me to a total relaxation state of body and mind and it was an indescribable experience. I did not want it to end! Next time, I am definitely going for a longer massage.
Thank you, David, for an amazing tantric massage. Being a masseur, I almost forgot how nice it is to be in the position of a receiving person for a while. I am happy to come back.
I met David for the second time this week. If the first time was good, this time it was kind of fantastic. I literally fell in love with him. I knew he was trustworthy and reliable and I was able to release myself completely and so was him. A real sweet and smooth experience.Thank you, David! I hope that you enjoed the massage as much as I did. Above of the quality of his tantra massages, David will always welcome you genuinely in the wonderful environement and he is totally attitude free.
David, thank you for a most wonderful evening! It was my first tantra massage experience in my life and I am still amazed! You are sweet, kind and playful with so much skills and charm. Right away from the doorway it became a great multi-sensory experience with sounds, candles and fragrances, but the best part was naturally your sensual, strong, attentive and wonderful massage. I also liked a lot our conversation about the massage and my experience of it after the massage. I still feel your hands going all over my body. Thank you for very special moments.

David surely is a true professional. I sincerely can highly recommend his services even my words can’t explain how much.
I had a four hands tantra massage with David and Eva. They are both very kind and professional, warmly welcoming you, taking time to discuss all about the massage and making you feel confortable. The massage is incredibly relaxing, at the same time warm and soft. They really love what they do and you feel it. I'll meet them again for sure.Don´t hesitate to book them.
A Few days ago I met David for a tantra massage Deluxe. I received a great tantric massage and it was not only very relaxing, but also very exciting. I felt a great connection between both of us.Thanks for your the great experience.
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