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Tantra masseur Andrej

Andrej is an experienced and matured guide for all women who need to experience the feeling of security and support only a man with large life experience can offer. Let yourself get pampered and relax into the hands of our charismatic masseur.


As a boy and a student I felt very musical and especially adored playing piano. Thanks to my rebellion and refusing any educational drill I haven’t become a pianist, yet my love of music remained. Later I felt for rhythm and began playing darbuka and other rhythmic instruments and performed with several bands and theatres. Since then I have also been enjoying dancing.

Why the tantra massage?

Despite my artistic preferences I studied ČVUT (technical school) and for a long time I perceived the world rationally and believed in reason only. During parental leave with my kid I took a course of classical massage. I was majorly influenced by a two-year training of rebalancing massages, which was not only regarding massages, but also learning about yourself and many other aspects of “spiritual journey”. One of the corner stones of my attitude belongs a yearly training of family constellations, reflex massage course and relaxation technique course in water (aqua-wellness) and many other experience seminars. The last huge personal development move in the area of massages was a tantra massage course. Only later I figured out that massages were natural to me and high sensitivity in hands and fingers I used to apply in music allows me to show and transfer emotions and love in a tactile way. Tantra means to me a quick way to myself and other human beings. Again, I realised how superficially and even with guilt people sadly perceive the gift of sexual energy that is one of the strongest ones of our creator. If we can keep erotics in a sacred level where it undoubtedly belongs, a huge space for sharing unconditional love opens to us and other humans. Let me share sacred love I feel and offer to you. Naturally I respect and sensitively react to individual requirements of every woman I work with and care much about your trust and feeling of safety. I am ready to listen to you and honestly answer any question you ask.

Favourite tantra massage procedures:

Due to rich massage and therapeutic experience Andrej most enjoys Deluxe three-hour massage and longer massages when he can completely spoil and pamper you. Also he is fulfilled by tantra massages for couples with various partner dynamics.

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