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All masseuses and masseur are graduates of individual course of tantra massage in Michaela Lynnette Torstenová School and have experiences with tantra, tantra massage and the touch itself. All of them are certified masseurs (tantra massage, reflexology, indian head massage, working with hot stones, classical massage, relaxation technique, aromatherapy, Taoist massage, etc.).All of them connect deep reverence and respect to clients and love and interest to tantra massage like a method of sexual experience development, ttransmission of pleasure, acceptance, love and respect.


For me Tanta has been an access to the map of my inner universe, it released my body and soul from the shackles of mind and brought structure to spirituality. It is a path of self-knowledge, feeling and integration of the whole being. I see Tantra massage as the ritual of life, sensuality and an introduction to the depths of ecstatic experience. It is a fated meeting with oneself, a return to one’s core. It is an unrestrained dance of life in the rhythm of the heartbeat.

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Tantra massage is a way to create paradise on Earth for me. By opening the gates of the present moment, you stop thinking about the past and the future. That way at least for a while you can shed all worries and problems. The mysterious ritual of Tantra massage is also a celebration of uniqueness, which is your true essence. Let me honor the jewel of your being. Entrust yourself into my hands and on waves of gentleness, relaxation, playfulness and excitement experience what you might have searched for all your life. It will be my pleasure to be your guide on the journey that leads to the so far undiscovered depths of your body and soul.

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Tantra massage Prague Ltd.



For me Tantra is a wonderful, unrestrained, ecstatic energy as it leads us to our depths and opens the door to our real nature and to the love hidden inside us. It dissolves our pain, strokes our body and soul and opens the path to a deep, love-filled being. Tantra helps me discover and feel who I really am and to flow in the stream of the river of Life. With your permission I will guide you on your path of knowledge.

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Tantra massage Prague Ltd.



I’ve always been interested in things that were different, however much they differed from the average. Tantra massage is like that in all its aspects. It fascinates me that w