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Professional masseuse (5 years of experience), healthy life style events organizer, dancer, singer, interested in spiritual topics, shamanism, healthy life style and nature.

Lecturer Venuše

Education and experience:

  • One-year study of andragogy
  • Movement and dance therapy training
  • Work with energy, body and soul therapy training

Massage techniques education:

  • Tantra massage course: Inner Wave Technique (Tantra Massage Prague Ltd.)
  • Sport and fitness massage course, as approved by Ministry of Youth, Sports and Education (Refit)
  • Reflexology foot massage course (Refit)
  • Dorn method (Zuzana Prouzová – Lehrmann, Josef Púry)
  • Metamorphic technique (Mt-Inspirála)
  • Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi
  • Breuss massage
  • Alternative medicine course (Mr.Vít)
  • Light Lane Therapy course (LBT- Trudi Thali, Jaroslav Čep)


  • Therapeutic massage for individuals and couples
  • Healing reflexive massages
  • Individual and group courses of tantra and relaxation massages
  • Energy and crystal work
  • Personal development, Interpersonal relationships counseling
  • Intuitive therapy – various massage and spiritual techniques, music therapy


I love nature as it gives me so much inspiration and brings new ideas and energy. I like traveling in the Bohemia region and I also like to visit foreign countries. I adore the sea and the beauty of the entire planet. I am very passionate about music. I love to dance and sing as well. I fancy creating energizing harmony pictures and other creative work. I love the planet Earth, people, animals, beauty and the harmony around us.

Customer reviews:


Thank you for a wonderful experience and a great service. I will certainly visit your center every time I visit Prague. It was a great start to my tantra journey - excelent tantra massage. Thank you Venus!
Tantra masseuse VenusTantra masseuse Venus


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