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Lecturer Petra A professional tantra masseuse and a tutor who studied pre-school and extra-school pedagogy in Litoměřice worked as a tutor of personal growth groups for children and youth, for whom she prepared lectures, experience programs and individual counseling and spiritual guidance. She studied theology, psycho-social studies and Judaism at the Charles University in Prague.

Education and praxis:

  • Therapy with music and movement
  • Baby massage
  • Course of spiritual work with children and youth
  • Course of spiritual care and guidance
  • Course of sport and recondition massage (duration of 150 hours)
  • Automatic painting, Dexter Academy.
  • Indian head massage, Dexter Academy.
  • Hot Stones massage, Dexter Academy.
  • School of tantra and tantra massage in Tantra massage Prague Ltd. under supervision of Michaela Lynnette Torstenová.
  • One-year tantra course in female group (Mgr. Ivana Megová)
  • Family constellations seminar.


I am a passionate reader interested in personal growth and secrets of human perception. That is closely related to my other interest in religions. Since my early childhood I have been fascinated by spirituality as a phenomenon; currently I perceive it more a mean to self-awareness, development and its use in psychotherapy. I like traveling and am greatly influenced by my yearly stay in Australia where I began to get interested in multiculturalism and connection of various ideological worlds. I have made my living by playing guitar and singing, both of which remained my hobbies until today. I enjoy learning new language, running, mountain trekking, practicing yoga and cooking.


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