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Lecturer Alena

During the last 15 years Alena worked as a licensed massage therapist, hypnotherapist, dance teacher and performer. Her specialization is relaxation, creativity and self-love. Alena focuses on individual needs and integration of various massage modalities, such as: Tantra massage, Swedish massage, Craniosacral therapy, Reiki, Polarity therapy, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, etc.

Education and experience:

Graduated from several accredited universities and schools in the USA, UK and the Czech Republic: MA in Information Science, Digital Asset Management and Education. Alena is certified and licensed in therapeutic massage and hydrotherapy (Florida School of Massage), in hypnotherapy (Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy) and in the Visionary Craniosacral Work (Hugh Milne Institute). Alena is also trained in the Sky Dancing Tantra: The Path to Bliss with Margo Anand and Steve and Lokita Carter. She devoted her attention to Dance/Movement Therapy and Dance for Lifelong Health at the University of Florida. She also studied Ecstatic Dance based on the teachings of the New York Moving Center & 5Rhytms Global School of Gabriel Roth.


Alena performs oriental belly dance at festivals and other venues. Currently she lectures workshops entitled “Goddess Beautiful” where she applies sacred sexuality, meditation, dance and energies of archetypes to invoke inner beauty, radiance, creativity and self-realization. She teaches these workshops in the USA and Europe. She believes in love, openness, joy and creativity; she is interested in various forms of self-realization. She also draws paints and exhibits her artwork.


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