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School of Tantra Massage - Upcoming Courses

Tantra massage course: Tantra Massage as Energy Dance, 25.–27. 8. 2017 Advanced techniques of Tantra massage for attendants of the basic course.

Tantra massage course: Tantra Massage as Energy Dance

A fol­low-up course for par­tic­i­pants of the basic course of Tantra mas­sage From Touch to In­ti­macy is for all who want to ex­pand their ex­pe­ri­ence of Tantra mas­sage. The main top­ics in­clude: lava stones and Hawai­ian tech­niques of body­work mas­sage as part of Tantra mas­sage, Tantra mas­sage en­riched by the rit­ual of senses, in­spi­ra­tion from Tao mas­sage, cor­rect breath­ing tech­nique etc. Read more

Tantra massage course: From Touch to Intimacy, 8.–10. 9. 2017 A complex training of Tantra massage basics in a mixed group.

Tantra massage course: From Touch to Intimacy

An es­sen­tial course of Tantra mas­sage, suit­able for fu­ture Tantra ther­a­pists as well as in­di­vid­u­als and cou­ples who want to try the magic of Tantra mas­sage and ex­pe­ri­ence the un­for­get­table. In a group of max­i­mum six peo­ple we cre­ate an in­ti­mate en­vi­ron­ment in which we can fully ded­i­cate our­selves to you in ac­cor­dance with your in­di­vid­ual needs. Tantra mas­sage is a beau­ti­ful in­ti­mate rit­ual. Treat your­self to in­ti­macy, pri­vacy and in­di­vid­ual ap­proach when you want to learn it. Read more

How to Satisfy (not only) Men, 23.–24. 9. 2017 Tantra Course for Women

How to Satisfy (not only) Men

Dis­cover with us the an­cient se­crets of the renowned tantra priest­esses and be­come an ir­re­sistible lover whom he will never let go from his arms. We will teach you the se­crets of male sex­u­al­ity and give you prac­ti­cal tools for un­for­get­table evenings full of de­sire. You will never won­der what it is that men ac­tu­ally want! Read more

Tantra Sex for Couples, 14.–15. 10. 2017 Tantra Course for Couples

Tantra Sex for Couples

Tantra love­mak­ing dif­fers from the “stan­dard” act in many sig­nif­i­cant areas. If you learn to un­der­stand them it will bring you not only phys­i­cal sat­is­fac­tion and sen­su­al­ity, but also the longed for close­ness and the feel­ing of ful­fil­ment you de­sire to have with your part­ner. Learn the prin­ci­ples of tantra sex and ex­pe­ri­ence love­mak­ing where you get lost in many won­der­ful touches, in the cli­mac­tic in­tox­i­ca­tion of the senses as well as in each other. Read more

Tantra massage course: From Touch to Intimacy for Women, 10.–12. 11. 2017 A complex training of Tantra massage basics in a group of women.

Tantra massage course: From Touch to Intimacy for Women

An es­sen­tial course of Tantra mas­sage this time for women only. We work in a small group of women in which we cre­ate a safe and in­ti­mate en­vi­ron­ment. We learn to mas­sage each other, if de­sired a male model can be in­vited for the last sec­tion of the course. Read more

Fifty Shades of Tantra, 24.–26. 11. 2017 Tantra Course for Individuals or Couples

Fifty Shades of Tantra

Do you want to ex­pe­ri­ence deep sub­mis­sion to your part­ner? Do you like the idea of los­ing con­trol? Are you ex­cited by imag­in­ing dom­i­nance and power? Learn with us the prin­ci­ples of dom­i­nance and sub­mis­sive­ness and ex­pe­ri­ence your wildest fan­tasies that will bring a so-far un­known feel­ing of ful­fil­ment. Read more

What Women Desire, 1.–3. 12. 2017 Tantra Course for Men

What Women Desire

Have you ever felt that women come from a different planet? Everything you ever wanted to know about women when you are not afraid of the answers. Read more


Tantric massage with Temple priestesses

Tantric massage with Temple priestesses

Tantra massage with Temple priestesses is for those who want to choose atmosphere of the tantra massage ritual. Choose a priestess, whose character suits your needs the best! Read more

Tantra massage as an initiation ritual

Tantra massage as an initiation ritual

Mystical ritual which push your tantra massage experience to unforgettable level. The ritual of awakening the senses and tantra massage with luxurious bath is appreciated even by the most demanding clients! Read more

Four- and more-hand tantra massage

Four- and more-hand tantra massage

Enjoy discounts up to € 110 and treat yourself with harmonic massage given by two or three masseuses. Harmonic concert for four or even six hands will refill your energy and let you thaw under pampering soft touches. Read more



Have you enjoyed our massages so much you would like to treat your lover with their own tantra massage? Our e-shop offers everything you need. Read more

Luxury experiential massage

Luxury experiential massage

You can find the most popular luxurious massage and spa treatments in our Tantra wellness now. From the mysterious Orient to exotic sunny Hawaii and Polynesia - pamper yourself and enjoy wide range of exotic massage we offer. Read more

Aromatherapy baths

Aromatherapy baths

Beneficial effects of baths were known already to queen Cleopatra thousands years ago. Complement your massage with one of our luxury baths in comfortable heart-shaped tub to prolong and deepen relaxing impact of our wellness care. Read more

Introducing New Masseuses


What is Tantra Massage?

Tantra massage combines elements of ancient Tantra-Taoist techniques and massages, with an atmosphere of sensual, intimate ritual that rise your energy up and fill you with excitement, tenderness and a sense of vitality and inspiration. Tantra massage is based on personal approach, sensitive attention and deep knowledge of energy work to help you relax, discover ecstatic experience and intimacy of your own body. Read more

Before your first tantra massage

In order to enjoy your Tantra experience as much as possible, we would like to provide you with a little basic information. Read more

Process of Tantra massage

Various Tantra massage consists of wide range of touches - from tender and slow to firm and dynamic. You will encounter massage with hot towels, complimented with elements from aromatherapy, playful and pampering furry and feather massage, nurturing intensive oil massage, head and feet reflexive massage, hot lava stones massage, intimate massage of Yoni or Lingam and as a highlight - Prostate and New Dimensions massage. It's all about your decision, which of our massage you'll choose. All massage are complimented with relaxing music in peaceful ambience of luxurious Orient-styled Centre. Each massage room contains shower or bathtub. Everything you need for Tantra massage, you can find in our Centre. Read more

Tantra massage for companies

Give your partners and significant employees to understand, that you appreciate their work and efforts and them experience they will not forget.

With regular co-operation 10-25% discount!

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