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FAQ - Men

What if I'll have an erection during a Tantra massage?

The question isn't what is and what is not appropriate, but rather what you experience and how you feel during the massage.. Many of today's men are very focused on performance and achievement of some specific objectives. Erection is perceived as an expression of masculinity and sexual success. The result is that men are under great pressure, which often causes erectile dysfunction and various other sexual dysfunctions. As a result, tenderness and very own nature disappear from our lives. Intimate massage of Lingam is an integral part of the massage , which is kind of energetic massage and a way of healing. It does not place any demands on you and is pleasurable no matter if you have an erection or not. In Tantra massage, presence of erection does not measure your manhood. Only this approach, if adopted and experienced, helps to heal your own relationship with your body and sexuality. Tantra massage always respects and accepts who you are and how you experience things. As a result, the Tantra massage can be enjoyed without preconceptions and expectations, and as a natural healing process, during which you let your body be authentic and natural.

What if I will experience an orgasm during the massage?

The orgasm is spontaneous and natural reaction of our body at a high level of excitement. During Tantra massage all of our natural reaction are accepted without judgment or shame. It is all right, no matther if you will experience a physical orgasm or not. Tantra is so different, because teaches us to experience not-so-well known inner all-body orgasm, which is a state of utter bliss, completely independent of the physical orgasm (ejaculation). Internal orgasm is characterized by complete loss of conscious control and full giving up to physical experience. You will feel energy and bliss in your entire body, which will last long after the massage itself. Tantric breathing techniques help to intensify the level of Tantra massage impact and your masseuse will explain you them before your massage starts.

What is prostate massage?

Prostate massage is a very deep experience of surrender to inner ecstasy. It is also a healing massage because it helps prevent prostate problems. This massage is part of the Tantra massage (on request), the masseuse will gently prepare you, so you will feel relaxed. In the beginning, prostate is massaged from the outside (through the dam) and later, when you are ready from the inside (through the anus). Automatic is the use of lubricant and continuous distribution of raised energy throughout the body. During the massage, you shall not feel any pain or discomfort because or the preparation time. The actual length of the prostate massage is individual and depends on your response and overall experience.

Does Tantra massage also include a full body massage?

Yes. Tantra massage is a complex and elaborate ritual, that brings both physical and mental relaxation. Tantra massage works with sexual energy , which is distributed throughout the body, to be subsequently experienced as a deep and fulfilling feeling. To make this life-giving energy to flow freely, the body must be perfectly relaxed and warmed. Tantra massage is working with the entire body, including not only the sensual touches and techniques but also classic massage technique to relax stiff muscles. Tantra massage consists of hot towels massage, soft fur and feather items massage, warm oil full-body massage massage with lava stones, etc.

Is Tantra massage age-limited?

No. As long as you are older than 18, and even up to 80 years, we will gladly see you in our Centre. Tantra massage is suitable for all ages and always based on the individual needs of the recipient, to whom the massage is adapted. It's never too late to bring something new into your life.

FAQ - Women

If I attend Tantra massage for the first time – should I choose a woman or a man masseur?

This decision is up to your inner feelings. Our masseurs and masseuses are sensitive and empathetic, and will fully respect your feelings and boundaries. So do not be afraid that given borders would be exceeded just because your therapist is a man.. Withr women, you may feel that your body will be better understood, because she is a woman. In contrary, with a man therapist you may experience the interesting male-female energy dynamics. In therapeutic way, sensitive, attentive and respectful touch of man therapist may also help you improve your relation to men. When deciding,consider with whom you would feel more comfortable, less ashamed to experience your excitement. If you're in doubt, we recommend you to choose Sensual massage ritual honoring the body or Massage initiation of Shivi a Shakti, which does not contain intimate massage of Yoni and can be your gateway into the mystery of Tantra massage. You can find more information on this topic here.

Can you grant me an orgasm during the Tantra massage?

The magic of orgasm is that it is a spontaneous experience wich cannot be affected by your will or excessive striving. Instead of chasing The Orgasm, enjoy the magic of attentive touch and gentle excitement that only Tantra massage can offer, and explore your body reactions with your masseur or masseuse. Very specific part of Tantra massage is deep experience of a full-body orgasm. It is a condition where your body is completely filled with energy and such state is experienced as a utter loss of control and physical and psychological bliss, which persists long after the massage, and is completely independent of the physical orgasm . Conscious touch, precise work with energy and breathing techniques are the path to experience this exceptional state of being. So do not push yourself on and see what feelings will Tantra massage bring to your body and mind.

What length of Tantra massage should I choose to feel comfortably relaxed?

Women usually need more time than men to get relaxed. Women's body desire to be pampered, cosseted, awakened and sensitively explored. A woman needs her time not only to enjoy the touches, but also experience the feeling of bliss. Only then you can feel like a real goddess. A suitable example is Tantra massage DeLuxe, Birth of Venus or luxurious Tantra massage Pretty Woman.

Can I take my partner with me just to let him watch?

Yes, it is possible. But consider whether it won't affect your feeling of privacy and whether you won't tend to control yourself due to feeling of being controlled. What we recommend is, that couples should come together for Tantra massage, when both partners are simultaneously massaged in the same room, so you both can share the experience, for example during common bath before, or after the massage. In case that you really decide for the option, when your partner will be present and watch, it is necessary that the partner comes a little bit earlier and talk with your masseur or masseuse about the process of massage and how to get involved if desired.

FAQ - Couples

Could Tantra massage for couples improve our sexual life?

Yes, but it always depends on what exactly do you need to improve. During Tantra massage you will experience body and couple sexuality approach, different to the Western one. We will teach you, how important it is to breathe properly and help you to relax deeply. You will experience respect and wholesome all-round care, which can be very inspiring for your partner sexual life. Tantra massage can also help you learn what your body really needs and make it easier to explain it to your partner. Should you be interested in further development of Tantra knowledge, we can offer you individual Tantra courses.

Does Tantra massage include sex?

No. Tantra massage is not about mutual sex exchange, but immersion into experience within your own body and intimacy. Tantra is a way to get out of what we have learned and routinely use, and discover something new, something that can influence and inspire us. Tantra massage is about receiving role, about being pampered and cosseted passively, without reciprocity, without need to pay back for bliss received.

Is it possible to share intimacy with my partner during Tantra massage?

Yes. You can start the massage together in one heart-shaped bath-tub , or you can tune to each other during a breathing meditation, you can hold your hands during your massage and after the massage you can relax snuggled up to each other. Your masseurs will let you have your privacy for a while after the massage of course.

is it better to experience Tantra massage for couples in the same room, or separately in two different rooms?

The choice whether you want to experience Tantra massage together, or separately is based on dynamics of your relationship. There, where jealousy could appear, or one or even both partners have tendency to control each other we rather recommend massage in separate rooms, where each partner can focus on his or her-self. alone However after the massage you can share a bath together, or relax in the same room, sharing your new experience, feelings and thoughts. This option gives you the opportunity to open freely to get the best of the massage. For open minded couples, where non of the partners is shy, embarrased or controlling, we strongly recommend massage together in one room – you will share your new experience, energy and intimacy to strenghten your relationship. You can read more about Tantra massage for couples here.

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What is Tantra Massage?

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Video report from our tantra massage

Video report from our tantra massage
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