I Want to Establish a Tantra Centre ? A Specialist Course for the Owners of Tantra Centres

Have you decided you want to set up a Tantra centre? We?ll tell you the secret of success! We?ll lead you through the process of establishing a Tantra centre from start to finish, we?ll help you avoid beginner?s mistakes and choose the best possible strategy for your centre?s success. Learn from professionals with more than ten years of experience in the field and have an advantage over your competitors!


  • What you need to know about Tantra if you want to run a Tantra centre.

  • Quality of Tantra massage ? how to keep it up and what to be cautious of

    Boundaries of Tantra massage and sexual services. Quality control. Ethical issues and risks.

  • The personality of a Tantra therapist, or how to set up a team

    Who is a Tantra therapist? What are her/his values? Qualities of a good Tantra massage therapist. Psychological minimum or what to be cautious of. The most common personality disorders in the world of Tantra massage ? how to recognise them and what they might cause in your team. Preventing frequent staff turnover. The importance of supervision and mental health training. Life-long education. Staff care.

  • Legal basics

    Legal issues. Contracts with massage staff. Hygienic standards. Etc.

  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of your Tantra centre

    A SWOT analysis.

  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of your competitors

    A SWOT analysis.

  • Service portfolio

    We provide help with making a portfolio of services and pricing policy.

  • Preparing a marketing strategy

    PR, promotion channels, promotion materials, texts, designs etc.

  • Preparation for hiring staff

    Selecting and helping with setting up a massage team, individual rating and evaluation of applicants. Selection of receptionists.

  • Training

    Providing expert Tantra massage training for your massage therapists. A special course for your receptionists. Supervision. Quality of service control.

  • All-inclusive assistance with opening a new centre


To receive an individual price calculation based on your specific wishes and needs, please contact us at m.torstenova@tantramasaze.com.

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