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Tantra massage relieves from tension and stress, relaxes inflexible thinking and brings new ideas and inspiration. Employees that enjoy tantra massage as a regular part of their lives are more creative and have new original ideas and also more energy that clearly shows in their performance and abilities. They are more confident, relaxed and reach their objectives with ease. Presence of quality managers, heads of departments and other key employees is what differentiates average companies from the best ones!

An effective company wellness policy is to provide an opportunity and benefits to use services that positively influence your employees and help them keep in the best mental and physical shape. They are the moving force of your company hence your major investment so it is most recommended to take a good care of them.

Top management benefits:

  • Any tantra massages on our offer are provided in frame of your company account (You set your own limit for service utilization amount).
  • An option to purchase gift vouchers for any tantra massages on our offer with company discount.


Tantra massage for managers

Tantra massage for managers

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