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Tantra Masseurin Katka

Katka entwaffnet Sie mit ihrer Natürlichkeit wahrzunehmen und alles um sich herum zu akzeptieren. Sie ist eine Frau mit vieler Künste, die sich mit jedem Augenblick, den Sie gemeinsam durch das Ritual der Tantra-Massage schreiten, verwandelt. Sie kann ruhig und verspielt sein, zärtlich und leidenschaftlich, und Sie kommen schnell darauf, dass sie Sie immer wieder überrascht und fasziniert. Eine Tantra-Massage mit ihr ist eine aufregende Entdeckungsreise zur Akzeptanz Ihrer selbst.

Was ich mag:

Mein ganzes Leben widme ich mich dem menschlichen Körper. 10 Jahre lang inspirierte mich die Schönheit des Balletts, dann Modedesign, heute Yoga, Tantra und gesunder Lebensstil. Ich widme mich auch der Malerei, insbesondere weiblichen Akten. Ich liebe es, in der Natur Kräuter zu sammeln und den Prozess des Lernens und Verkostens zu absolvieren. Ich liebe es, durch die Welt zu reisen und kulturelle Traditionen und Unterschiede zu entdecken. Ich mag neue Gesichter und die dazugehörigen Lebensgeschichten.

Warum übe ich Tantra Massagen aus:

Eine der grundsätzlichen Fragen meines Lebens betraf die Richtung, die ich einschlagen sollte. Auf der Suche nach einer Antwort fing ich an, mich selbst zu finden, und ich begriff auch meine tiefe Sehnsucht nach Nähe zu Menschen und nach einer Verbindung mit ihnen auf der Ebene der grundlegenden Energie des Lebens. Dies führte mich zur tantrischen Lehre. Mittels des schönen, Tantra genannten Spiels erwecken wir die Energie und uns selbst. Ich begann, mein Leben wirklich zu lieben. Und das ist es auch, was ich weitergeben möchte.

Beliebte Tantra Massagen:

Tantra-Massage ist die Kunst des Erweckens von Energie, ein Weg zu Entspannung von Körper und Geist und zu tiefer Meditation. Wir können uns gerne bei einer Tasse Tee darüber unterhalten. Dann werde ich mich mit Liebe und Fürsorge Ihrem Körper widmen. Meine Lieblings-Massagen sind die Tantra-Massage Deluxe, die vierhändige Tantra-Massage und die Tantra-Massage für Paare.

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Dear Katherine,

Thank you so much for the spontaneous, breathtaking massage on Tuesday.
When you asked for my favorite part of the massage I could not really find an answer. You are a highly empathic person which makes the massage unique. I am very grateful that it was you that gave me this experience. I still feel the energy flowing through my body.

Best wishes
I would like to thank Katka for a wonderful massage. It was a great experience which I would like to do again. I hope to come see her another time when I am in Prague.
At the weekend I had a Tantra massage with Katka and I’d like to send my reference and describe the experience that awaited me. I’ve always left your center after a massage session with pleasant, lovely or wonderful feelings, this time my feelings were fantastic! The year before last I read on your pages that it’s possible to experience the so-called whole-body orgasm, I thought it couldn’t be possible in a guy. But I later found out that it is possible! And all that thanks to massage therapist Katka, who is not only a beautiful woman but also a very talented masseuse. They say that everyone is born to be something, Katka was born for Tantra. I wish for you to have as many masseuses like this as possible! Katka, once again, thank you!
I couldn´t enjoy my jubilee tenth visit to your center more! Thanks to my masseuses Katka and Michelle, who are not only great and skillful masseuses, but also wonderful women. They started my session with pleasant and interesting conversation, which created relaxed atmosphere and made me feel good and welcomed. During the massage, I experienced not only great relaxation, but I also felt a powerful flow of energy throughout my body. It has been few days, but I still feel strength and energy I gained from my massage. I'm looking forward to my next massage with both masseuses who really have the talent to make people happy. At least I feel so!! I can´t imagine my life without tantra anymore.
Katherine was a wonderful and skillful guide. Her calming and skillful touch was just what I needed. Every piece of the experience was explained to me upfront and Katherine was always mindful to check in with me along the way. I will definitely be back next time I find myself in Prague. Thank you, Kate!
John, 34
I would like to say that I totally loved your massage studio. Katherine understood me and she was sharing her lovely feminine energy with me. It was something I really needed! I am so grateful for the all the moments that I lived and experienced during my tantra massage! Thanks so much, Katherine, for your patience, kindness, care, and attention! I really recommend this experience to anyone! You can trust this place because the Tantra Massage team is very professional and this place is a real temple!
Thanks to Kate for her stunning, memorable tantra massage. She is not only beautiful to look at, but Kate has also a beautiful personality and karma. Highly talented, utterly professional and gifted, she is amazing. I am so delighted that I met her!
I would like to describe my experience with a classic tantra massage provided by Catherine. This nice and smiling lady is truly a God’s creation. Her approach and work is really professional. I can’t describe in words how much negative energy and negative thoughts she managed to release in me. I bow before her approach and thank her very much. I hope that this reference, which is one of many, will help her keep doing what she is so good at.
I had tantra massage for the first time and it was an exceptional experience. Catherine is very kind and nice. It is obvious she has long experience in providing massage and her hands are magical. I can only recommend her.
Eleven is my lucky number. And my eleventh visit to your centre was a lucky one. Even though I have some experience with Tantra, I always leave as a total novice who has experienced something extraordinary, I couldn’t have even imagined beforehand. It’s as if Katka was able to read my thoughts, she was able to sense what I wanted on that particular day. Even though she had asked me beforehand about my suggestions and I told her, she added something extra that filled my soul with something that can’t be described, but you carry it inside you for several days afterwards. The soul really seems to exist and I found it at your centre. Thank you for that, Katka!
I would like to share my experience with six-hand tantric massage with Bára, Katka and Ema. It was pure beauty and caressing of the soul and the body. I spent the most time with Bára, because she was massaging me in the hot tub. She is an amazing woman, who can be in one moment playful and cute and in the next one she suddenly turns into a loving and caring mother goddess, who takes you lightly into her arms and you want nothing but to stay with her. She has a beautiful voice and she was singing to me, which made the enjoyment even more exciting. Katka is a beautiful, nice and very tender girl who will pamper you and spread a good mood all around her. Ema is a little mysterious for me. She is patient, gentle and just beautiful! I felt very nice with her. I would like to repeat this wonderful experience with all of my goddesses, but this time I will come for much longer massage. Thank you for the best time ever!
Finally, a real tantra!!! I tried so many tantra massages all over the world, but up to know, I always experienced the same. The goal of the “tantra massage” was always just to please my body, somewhere more, somewhere less luxuriously and professionally, often with a lousy attitude of the masseuse. It was all about pampering my body everywhere and then providing the service. In Tantra Massage Prague, I finally found out what a real tantra means! It´s basic essence, is awakening the sexual energy and then spreading it all over the body. It is a work with the inner energy, not only on the body level, but the soul and personality of the client are important too. It is initiation provided by the masseuse, who is a new age Goddess! It is a spiritual, profoundly relaxing, beneficial and purifying experience! If you open up and let yourself be guided by the masseuse, you will experience not only very pleasant moments, but you will become stronger and more self-confident inside. Gentlemen, this is therapy, not a "service", and for every therapy to be successful, both sides must work together with the mutual respect. Therefore, come here only when you are able to be (at least partially) honest with yourself and willing to let the masseuse to lead you into tantra. It is up to you how deeply are you willing and able to dive in, but it's all a matter of practice. Fear aside, the masseuse is such an empathic professional, that she will never push you anywhere you would not feel safe at! It is up to you, gentlemen how much you want to be introduced into tantra, but if you are willing to open up, they will help you here, as they helped me! I would like to express my deep and sincere thanks to the masseuse Catherine, who took such a great care of me during a 3-hour long tantra massage. She healed my body and my heart with loving care, courage, empathy, playfulness and sensuality. She brought so much lightness and positive energy to me, healed my soul and made me feel a full person again! BRAVO Catherine, you are the right person at the right place. Protect your approach carefully and walk your paths with the ease of being that is yours! Once again, thanks, I am deeply committed to you!
I’d like to thank you for a great and relaxing time and the friendly approach during reservation. Above all, I’d like to thank Catherine for an excellent tantra massage therapy. I hope we’ll have more time to talk next time!
Filip, 32
Catherine is a very nice, easy-going person and tantra massage with her was delightful. I recommend her.
Dear Catherine,

massage from you was like rediscovering the beauty and aptitude of a woman, multiple sensuality of touch and fulfilment of the word tantra. You are a proof that all the words (including these) are needless – when we meet someone who understands us. What is important are just the seconds, minutes, hours... we spend with such a person. Thank you very much for every second I could live to the full – during your tantra massage.
By chance, I got an unforgettable tantra massage by a masseuse Catherine. So much experience in time and space is not common, so I want to thank you for your your nice care. I really appreciate your attention to each detail of my body, experienced energy working and wonderful touches! I enjoyed it so much as never before. Kate, you have left something from you in every piece of my body, but also in my soul and mind. Thank you for taking me into a paradise. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.
Katherine was a wonderful and skillful guide. Her calming and skillful touch was just what I needed. Every piece of the experience was explained to me upfront and Katherine was always mindful to check in with me along the way. I will definitely be back next time I find myself in Prague. Thank you Kate for a wonderful tantra massage!
John, 34
I was a client of Tantra Massage Prague in January. I had a wonderful experience with Kate back then. I'll be back in Prague in April and I'm considering not only to have another massage with Kate, but some courses from the School of Tantra. Thanks again!
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