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Tantra Masseur Jakub

Jakub ist ein charismatischer, erfahrener Mann mit einer zärtlichen, jedoch auch kräftigen Berührung, die ihnen hilft sich in das Erlebnis der tantrischen Massage fallen zu lassen und sich dem Zauber des gegenwärtigen Augenblickes hinzugeben. Er wird Ihnen ein einfühlsamer, intelligenter Begleiter sein, der weiß wie man sich um eine Frau sorgt und ihr Verständnis und Unterstützung vermittelt, damit Sie sich ganz hingeben kann. Lassen Sie sich von den erfahrenen Berührungen führen und erleben Sie Augenblicke, von denen Sie bislang nur träumten.

Was ich mag:

Ich liebe den Tanz, vor allem Swing, Charleston und Salsa, außer Tanzen mag ich auch weitere Sportarten, denen ich mich regelmäßig widme, zu ihnen gehört Joggen, Radfahren und Bergsteigen. Wenn ich nicht massiere, meditiere ich gerne beim Saxophonspielen.

Warum übe ich Tantra Massagen aus:

Tantra ist für mich die Kunst die innere Schönheit jeder Frau zu sehen, zu erforschen und zu entdecken und die dann zu feiern und zu ehren im Ritual der tantrischen Massage, beim Kerzenlicht und Aroma von orientalischen Ölen. Jede Frau ist einmalig und verdient Aufmerksamkeit und Fürsorge, die ich ihr durch eine rituelle tantrische Massage anbieten kann. Es ist mir eine Ehre den Weg zu Ihnen selbst zu öffnen und mit Ihnen den einzigartigen Augenblick des Erwachens des Körpers und Befreiung des Geistes zu teilen. Eine tantrische Massage kann viele Formen und Gestalten haben und für mich ist es eine Herausforderung und Berufung diejenige zu finden, die Sie im gegebenen Augenblick gerade brauchen.

Beliebte Tantra Massagen:

Eine tantrische Massage ist für mich mehr als nur eine körperliche Massage des Körpers. Es ist eine einzigartige, heilende Begegnung, die eine tiefe Entspannung des Körpers und Geistes bewirkt, gemeinsam mit dem Gefühl einer tiefgehenden Verbindung und Relaxation. Damit Sie alles voll genießen können, was eine tantrische Massage anbieten kann, müssen Sie sich selbst genügend Freiraum geben, indem Sie ihren Körper vollständig entspannen und ich Sie somit verwöhnen kann, wie Sie es verdienen. Zu meinen beliebten Massagen gehört die tantrische Massage Deluxe oder luxuriöse tantrische Massage Pretty woman.



Because I love discovering new things, I bought a Tantra massage session for couples to my husband for his birthday and quietly hoped he would choose me as his company. He didn’t let me down...
A nice young lady opened the door for us and without much ado led us to a pleasantly lit corridor full of a slightly exotic fragrance. We took our shoes off and following her instructions we walked in. She sat us in a cosy room with two armchairs, a round table and refreshments, flowers, candles, a copper statue of Buddha and a comfortably looking corner bath behind a carved screen. Then she left. My husband and I sat quietly for a while and took in the atmosphere of this interesting room. I felt a light excitement and I was looking forward to what was coming.

In a few minutes there was a knock on the door and another couple walked in. Not a real couple, but two massage therapists. We greeted each other and introduced ourselves. We talked for a while about what made us come to them and if we have any expectations. They looked friendly and I was more and more assured of my good choice.

After the chat the therapists left us saying that in the meantime, we could have a shower if we wanted and then we should change to the scarves provided. As a signal that we were ready for the massage we were to use a little bell on the sound of which our therapists were to return. They came back dressed in the same way as we were at the moment – in the scarf only. My male therapist had it tied round his waist, my husband’s female therapist, similarly to me, had the scarf round her neck like a summer dress.

Then came a sort of “introductory” ritual of trust. The room was lightly lit, each pair stood opposite each other. My therapist and I, my husband and his therapist... Breathing was important from the start and we were to concentrate on it. Loud breathing in and out through the mouth was good and relaxing.

I closed my eyes and completely succumbed to the role of the accepting being. Jakub, my therapist, touched me very gently, everything made sense. I could feel his breath and the intimacy, at that moment he was the closest person to me. I was able to relax within a few minutes and without thinking I opened myself to the coming minutes. Synchronised breathing, hardly palpable presence, mutual tuning and the magic of the moment. I disentangled myself from my husband, children, work..., I didn’t think of anything but myself and the present moment.

When Jakub sensed that I was ready, he stood behind me and in an indescribably natural way gently untied my scarf. He covered me with a silky piece of cloth and started to massage me in various ways. He alternated hot wet towels, soft feathers, denser soft “something” that I can’t even describe properly, warm essential oil and unbelievably sensitive fingers.

He massaged my head, neck, arms, thighs... wonderfully gentle, yet precise he continued touching me in more intimate parts and I felt nothing but the pleasure of his gentle touch. No thoughts, no shame, no jealousy towards my husband’s female therapist.

After a while Jakub made me turn on my back and continued in a similar way. He alternated techniques, the strength of his touch and their sequence. Gradually he reached the most intimate touches, but they felt so “virtuous” that I could enjoy them without any feelings of inappropriateness.

The massage was long and beautiful, fulfilling, deep and incredibly uplifting. My body became a temple of pleasure and I was fully present in it. I didn’t think of the world around and realised my pure being so intensely that looking back I see it as something unbelievable.

What to say at the end? Maybe that words are only a very clumsy tool to describe it and the experience of Tantra bonding with oneself is hard to convey.
I would like to share my wonderful experience with tantra massage with Jakub. Words can´t express how much I received from him! He gave me not only respect but also a lot of energy and joy. His humbleness and great inner commitment fascinate me. I wish you all the best with all my heart.
I would like to share couple words of appreciation of my experience at this magical, lovely place. The facilities were so nicely designed, pleasant and full of good taste. Everything was professionally organized. It is clear that this center pays a lot of attention to its customer care. Moreover it's fast and easy to reach it by taxi from the city center. I immediately felt positive and welcomed. My tantra massage session was 3 hours long and my masseur was Jakub. The massage of itself was amazing too. Jakub is an amazing, passionate and experienced man with really magical touch. I felt amazing exchange with him. It is pretty clear that he loves his job. I felt great after the massage. I can only recommend this center to anyone craving for a true tantric experience. This is definitely a place to visit.
It has been a while since I experienced my first tantra massage with you, but I still don´t have words to describe how amazing it was. It was absolutely great, thank you very much.
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