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Tantra Masseurin Ester

Ester fesselt Sie mit ihrer zarten Schönheit und inneren Ruhe, die aus ihr eine nette und einfühlsame Begleiterin machen, die nicht nur zuhören kann, sondern auch alles, was Sie mit ihr teilen möchten, versteht. Ihre Massagen sind eine perfekte Mischung aus Zärtlichkeit, Leidenschaft und tantrischer Arbeit mit Atem und Energie. Eine Tantra Massage mit ihr ist ein Erlebnis, das Ihnen den Weg zu ungeahnten Tiefen Ihrer Persönlichkeit eröffnet und hinterlässt Gefühle, die noch lange nach dem Ende der tantrischen Massage andauern.

Was ich mag:

Ich beobachte gerne Leute, Sachen und ihre Wechselwirkungen. Ich genieße die Momente, in denen ich eine Information kunstvoll zwischen den Zeilen versteckt auffange und dann spiele ich mit ihr in meiner Phantasie. Ich bin einfach nur neugierig und ich liebe es verborgenen Geheimnisse zu entdecken. Mein Lebensrhythmus ist ruhig wie Wasser, was ich liebe. Es gibt mir ein Gefühl von Ruhe und Harmonie und ermöglicht eine tiefe Meditation und Kontemplation. Aus der Ruhe heraus und dank meiner Beobachtung erstelle ich Gedichte, die meine Gedanken und tiefsten Emotionen einfangen. Ich liebe eine häusliche Umgebung, welche ich versuche zu schaffen, wo immer ich auch bin.

Warum übe ich Tantra Massagen aus:

Tantra ist für mich etwas absolut natürliches und selbstverständliches. Ich lebte es eigentlich schon lange davor, bevor ich mit der tantrischen Lehre in Berührung kam. Tantra Massagen geben mir die Gelegenheit eine Begleiterin auf dem natürlichsten Weg zu uns selbst zu werden und jedes Mal eine völlig einzigartige Entdeckungsreise zur Freude und Lust zu erleben.

Beliebte Tantra Massagen:

Tantra Massage ist für mich eine tiefe innere Meditation. Auf dem Weg, auf dem wir gemeinsam gehen und seine spannenden Ecken und versteckte Geheimnisse entdecken. Deshalb mag ich die lange tantrische Massage „Deluxe“, die ermöglichen nicht darüber nachzudenken, wo der Weg hinführt, sondern sich dem Weg zu ergeben. Ich mag auch tantrischen Ritualbäder mit einer Massage in der Wanne und tantrischen Entdeckungsrituale. Zu meinen Lieblingsmassagen gehört daher auch das tantrische Einweihungsritual.



I had a great time at this center! My masseuse was Ester, who was very cute, darling and lovely person. She made my experience very unique. I had already tried many tantra massages in some different studios, but it was never like this and I consider myself very happy to approach this place. The massage was very intimate for me and for the first time in my life I was able to open up completely. There was nothing else than her touches and the present moment. I was craving for her touches and she was working with all the tension and blocks in my body so well. When I try to analyze it now, I think that this was only possible because I felt, that she loves her job. She was completely involved, interested and spontaneous and she took real care of me. I really recommend this place. It is very organized, well managed, with the spirit and a real spiritual atmosphere. It is a diamond among another tantra studios.
Dear Mrs,

Last Thursday, I had a chance to get familiar with tantra massage thanks to a beautiful masseuse Ester at your Integrity Centre. I have been tempted with tantra for a long time so I had some expectations. However, the experience with Ester during the tantric initiation ritual was even more than I expected. It can be best described with these words: it was a groove! Thanks Ester! Since 2010 I am familiar with traditional Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho, I do have certain experience with energies, meditations, yoga. Now, I know what my next steps should be! Thank you for doing what you do.
Dear Ester and Andrea, thanks again for this wonderful afternoon. Your massage was fantastic!
Dear Ester,

Let me thank you one more time please for my first Tantra experience, which I enjoyed with and through You. Since you were so relaxed, I “let” my body and mind to relax totally as well enabling me to enjoy a moment of gratitude for my own existence and for the existence of the whole world as well. Your guidance was professional and still so intimate and nicely human. You brought me to the mindless state…and you gave me a big impulse to my life so I am happy to explore this mindless situation again. Simply put, thanks again, looking forward to the next time :).
The beautiful masseuse Ester is the right woman for the job. I was so surprised with her gentle approach shortly after we met. Since the beginning, I respected her personality, professionalism as well as passion she has for her job. The love and care she felt for me is almost unbelievable and inexplicable. I was wondering already during the introduction ritual, “this can´t be true”! Somebody accepts me so beautifully and purely with all my pros and cons. I felt like being with my mum or a beautiful and loving sister who says “it is you, stay who you are”. All those perfectly and easily performed well-thought rituals brought me into another world. To the world full of mystery, mysticism and sanctity of the present moment. Ester knows many techniques, such as the one of directing your breath to wake up your Kundalini energy during the massage. All these brought me into a trans stage I exposed on the surface, of course. Honestly, I was so happy to enjoy these moments with such a beautiful Tantra priestess. I have visited many sacred places on the Earth but never felt such divine moments like I did with Ester. A three-hour-long massage Deluxe was something new and unexpected to me. Moreover, I appreciate so much another part of the massage: my Kundalini has been awaken and for example I have not eaten in two days and still don´t feel hungry at all. I attach this to a higher state of mind I reached thanks to Ester and her perfect touches. Thanks to her I woke up my “spinal snake”. Things do happen for a reason if one goes for it. My part was only the fact I entered this wonderful Tantric temple, the rest was Ester´s “fault”. I am a very rich man now, thanks to her. Thank you, Ester, for the endless peace you set in my mind. Thank you one more time, Ester. Hopefully, I shall soon be back in your warms arms. You are beautiful!
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